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WhatsApp Web Login with & without QR Code | Steps for Whatsapp Web Login with/without Phone Number



WhatsApp Web Login

WhatsApp Web Login: WhatsApp web provides you an amazing option to open your account on an additional device and does timely synchronization of your messages and media. For those of you, who have heard of WhatsApp Web but are confused about how to log into it on your PC or any other device, this article is just for you.

Here, you will learn about WhatsApp web log-in, history, hide device options, phone number dependency, QR code issues, etc. so stay tuned till the end. You can also additionally enhance your knowledge by learning about the Best WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks. Without any further ado, grab a snack, and let’s begin.

Whatsapp Web Login with QR Code/Whatsapp Web Scan

One of the most common methods of opening WhatsApp on the computer or any other device and linking your account with it is through a QR code or WhatsApp Web Scan. This works as a browser extension for your WhatsApp that allows you to open it and sync with your WhatsApp at any portal possible. The most common method is to first go to the official

WhatsApp Business link a device

Then open your mobile WhatsApp and fetch for the WhatsApp scanner to scan this QR code and link your account. To activate the scanner, go to WhatsApp settings, followed by Linked devices, and then tap on Link a device.

If you do not want this process on a browser, then you can also install third-party apps for the same as well. Follow  WhatsApp Web Scan for more detailed information regarding this.

How to do WhatsApp Web Login without Phone?

Keeping your phone continuously connected to the computer becomes tedious at times. Mobile phones are used as portable devices and can get disconnected from the Internet in case of battery loss, dual sim phone calls, travel, etc. Previously during such situations, your WhatsApp Web used to get disconnected leading to a lack of contentment amongst users worldwide.

Whatsapp join Beta

To fix this WhatsApp developers have come up with a new Beta update that originally allows you to keep your WhatsApp connected to your Web even though your phone is not.

It gets automatically disconnected after 14 days of inactivity. This is a powerful yet convenient tool that also keeps your data safe by keeping end-to-end encryption intact.

To activate Beta, go to linked devices, followed by Multi-device Beta, Join Beta, and finally Continue.

WhatsApp Web Login with Phone Number

Many don’t like to load our chrome with unnecessary extensions. Also, opening WhatsApp web on Chrome is volatile and can get logged off at any time if you clear your browsing history by mistake. Also, if your mobile camera is out of order you may not be able to scan QR codes. So is there no way we could open WhatsApp web on our computer with a phone number just like our mobile WhatsApp?

Blue Stacks WhatsApp install

Well yes, we have dedicated application software to help you with WhatsApp Web Login without QR code. But to download any app on your computer first you need to install an Android emulator.

You can download Blue Stacks or Memu Play accordingly and follow our article WhatsApp Download PC to get detailed steps for the same. Once done, download WhatsApp from the google store displayed on the emulator screen and log in with your phone number.

Fetch WhatsApp Web Log in History

On Facebook, we do check the devices our account is logged in in case we suspect doubtful activity. Similarly, we may also wonder can we check WhatsApp Web log-in history after logging out for security reasons. Well yes, you can easily check the devices your WhatsApp is logged in as WhatsApp web directly from your mobile app itself.

For this simply open your WhatsApp from your mobile and tap on the three-dot bottom on the top right. Next, click on linked devices, and it will open a page that will have all the devices you logged in including their IP addresses.

WhatsApp logged in devices

How to Logout WhatsApp Web Logged in Devices?

When you open any of your social accounts on multiple devices, you always get to see the devices where you are logged in for security reasons. Similarly, when you have connected your WhatsApp with the WhatsApp web on a significant number of devices, you will be given the provision to check and control these devices from your primary device.

Since this information is not visible to any third party, there is no point in hiding them. The maximum you can do is to log them out. For this, go to the linked devices from your WhatsApp settings, long press on the device name, and click Log out.

logout from whatsapp web

Fix WhatsApp Web Login Problem in Laptop

Many users have complained WhatsApp Web doesn’t log in even after multiple attempts. The QR code doesn’t show or keeps loading and scanning through mobile is a task. Well, these problems may arise due to a couple of reasons. Let’s see what these are and what are the WhatsApp Web Login Problem Solution to fix or prevent these:

  • Your mobile may have hardware issues like camera damage, dirty, etc. or the display of your mobile is smaller than the criteria to scan the QR. Try a different device to fix this.
  • Stabilize internet connection and other software problems like phone cache, an old version of Chrome, or WhatsApp.
  • Turn off Antivirus or any other browser extensions.
  • Lastly, check WhatsApp itself is facing a server down an issue or not.

Do Check: Fix Common Problems with Whatsapp

Steps for WhatsApp Business Web Login

Entrepreneurs have flourished in their businesses worldwide by maintaining an edgy WhatsApp Business and successful client engagements. In such scenarios, connecting WhatsApp Web Business to a computer or any other secondary device becomes important because you need to keep your phone always ready for important calls, etc.

WhatsApp Web Business login is very simple and can easily be done through as already mentioned in the sub-topics above. You can also use third-party apps like WhatsApp Desktop and Whats Web for the same. We’ll study that in detail in the next topic.

How do you log in to WhatsApp Web on iPhone and Android?

Sometimes, you may want to open two adjacent accounts on your mobile be it for professional or personal purposes. Maintaining two different WhatsApps of yours or one of your partner’s could be the reasons.

In either case, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to switch accounts. So, to get the feel of WhatsApp web and link a second account with it we have some apps here.

Whats Web

Whats Web for Android is one of the best apps that you can use both for iPhone and Android users. This is a management tool that allows you to operate multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device. You simply need to install this from your Google Play Store or App Store, go to QR code, and scan the code that is displayed with the help of the target WhatsApp phone. You’re done!

FAQs on WhatsApp Web Login in Chrome, PC, & Other devices

1. How do I log into WhatsApp Web?

To log into WhatsApp web, first, drop in the link from your computer or any other device browser and wait for the QR code to show. Next, open your Mobile WhatsApp< Settings< Linked Devices< Link device and scan this QR code to log in to WhatsApp Web.

2. Can I log in to WhatsApp in the browser?

Yes, of course, the whole scenario WhatsApp web depends on opening your mobile WhatsApp on a computer or any other portal through the browser. Are you completely not aware of What is WhatsApp Web? Have a look at the available link & learn the detailed information.

3. How do I connect WhatsApp to my PC?

You can connect your WhatsApp to your PC either by using WhatsApp web from a computer web browser, or by using a dedicated WhatsApp Desktop app, download from the Microsoft store of your PC, or install an Android emulator like Blue stacks and Memu Play, and install WhatsApp through it.

4. How can I stop somebody from using my WhatsApp web?

To do this, first, go to your WhatsApp settings by tapping on the three-dot button in the top right corner and then click on Linked devices. This will show all the logged-in devices, long press on the unknown device, and click Log out.


With this, we have come to the end of today’s topic, and we hope you could make the best use of it. WhatsApp Web might be a very convenient tool for some but for others who are using WhatsApp for the first time on a PC, the whatsapp web login procedure might be tricky.

So, make sure to share this article with everyone who needs it. Want to know about the more interesting articles such as WhatsApp DP Images? Make sure to stay regularly updated on our official website NewsOzzy.Com provided Whatsapp Features Calls Status DP Tips Tricks

Neha Bansal is a Delhi based engineering graduate and has done her Post Graduation in Human Resource Management. She has a deep interest in startups, business & technology.

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