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An Ultimate Guide on DIY Wireless Printer to Make USB Printer Wireless 2021



Wireless Print Server for USB Printer

Wireless Print Server for USB Printer: Wireless Printed is slowly becoming the rage everywhere as it allows multiple people to use the same device at work. However, Network-ready printers can sometimes burn a hole in your pocket and it is a hassle upgrading your USB Printer.

The easy solution here is to turn the USB Printer into a wireless printer. That makes it quite easy to use and it becomes mobile.

You can simply use Raspberry Pi on your USB Printer to connect with all the devices in wireless mode. Or you can also connect it with a router and add your printer on Windows 10 PC. This can be done on the same wireless network. Raspberry Pi is a hassle-free way as you can still use it when the router goes out of power for a while.

There are 2 methods through which you can turn your USB Printer into a wireless printer. We will discuss it further in the article.

How does a DIY Wireless Printer work?

A wired printer cannot become wireless just by removing the wire. The router is the medium through which the devices are connected and the printer is connected via the LAN from the router.

The printer gets all the access from the router that provides it with an IP address wirelessly. You need to add the printer on your PC (Windows 10) to print out anything after setting up.

Wireless Print Server for USB Printer

It is quite easy to create a wireless printer, especially when you need your laptop to be mobile. You can do this through Raspberry Pi or by using a router. Both methods are very simple and it will take you only a couple of minutes.

Using a Router to Print Wireless

You need to connect your printer with your router using an Ethernet cable directly in the LAN port in this method. After the router is connected, you can get the printer revised on your PC without any wired connection.

You do not need to connect your printer with the PC but you need a wired connection between the router and the printer. After that, you can print any document according to your wish.

Ethernet Connection for Printer to Router

For wireless printing, your printer needs to be connected with the router through an Ethernet cable. The wireless router is a medium of connection and the ethernet cable is the only set-up accessory you need.

It is very easy to connect the printer to the router.

  • Fit one part of a two-part ethernet cable to the router and the other to the printer. Find out the IP address from the IP settings of the printer.
  • Go to ‘Printers and Scanners’ under ‘Devices’ on your PC. Add your Printing device by entering the IP address.Go to Printer & Scanners tab and tap on the Add option on PC

After the set-up, you will be able to print anything at ease. Ensure that the IP settings are permanent otherwise it will keep changing every time you turn on your printer.

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Print wirelessly using a PC connected to Router

You also need your printer to work wirelessly from your PC as well. So, you can do this by connecting your existing router. You can follow the steps given below.

  • Set up your PC only after you connect the LAN port and get the IP address.
  • You can connect your PC with an external drive if you do not have wireless access to the router.
  • Press Ctrl+P on the document and select the wireless printer to print it out.

Raspberry Pi for Wireless Printer

Raspberry Pi is software that you can easily install inside a printer. To use this software, you require a MicroSD card as a hard drive. The Raspberry Pi is a computer board that connects to the printer and makes it wireless.

All your devices are connected to the Raspberry Pi circuit wirelessly to print out any document. The step-by-step guide on how to install the software through USB is given here.

Raspberry Pi compatibility

The Raspbian software is only available on Linux or Windows 10 which means that you cannot operate it on any other system. Apart from this, you need a USB cable and a MicroSD card to install the recipient software. This software will connect the device for wireless printing.

How to Raspberry Pi make Wireless Printer: CUPS

Getting a Raspberry Pi of any model makes your work of converting a USB Printer into a wireless printer very easy. You just have to follow the 4 simple steps given below.

  • Install the Raspberry Pi on your printer and install the image file of the software using a USB. This will enable your printer to function wirelessly.
  • After the first step, install the ‘Common Unix Printing System’. This software is required to run the Raspberry Pi software on your printer.
  • Type the two commands: Sudo apt install samba and sudo apt install cups on the terminal.type the two commands
  • To allow permission for printing, enter sudo usermod -aG Ipadmin pi.enter command to allow permission for printing
  • Allow the permission for printing on all devices by typing the command ” cupsctl -remote-admin -remote-any–share-printers ” on the terminal.Allow permission for printing command
  • Login to the PI administration by opening 127.0.0. 1:631. Here, your username will be pi and the password is raspberry by default. Select the correct driver to add the printer. After setting it up, your wireless printer is completely ready.

Conclusion on Wireless Print Server for USB Printer

There are two ways through which you can effectively convert your USB Printer into a wireless printer. The steps for Wireless Print Server for USB Printer are very simple and you just need the right tools to get your printer running.