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Morning Assembly Word of the Day List for Students | Best Word of the Day for High School Students



Word of the Day for Students

Word of the Day for Students: Word of the Day is an excellent technique for school going students to learn English vocabulary. It is a fabulous, free resource that allows teachers to start the process of embedding vocabulary into the students on a daily basis.

Students with this word of the day activity will habituate to learning new words easily. And they will be excited to use those words in their conversations with friends and teachers. Get to know about Today’s words in English for students in school in the following sections.

Morning Assembly Word of the Day for Students

Word of the Day is known to be one of the best activities that embed students to learn new words on daily basis. Here we are giving Today’s words to high school students with meanings and sentences. Check the best vocabulary word list for elementary students.

  • Word: Content
    Meaning: In a state of peaceful happiness and satisfaction.
    Sentence: The Harshu was so content as she eat the meal that she has prepared.
  • Word: Promotion
    Definition: A Move upward in the position or class
    Sentence: My uncle’s promotion at work meant that they could buy a new house.
  • Word: Appetite
    Definition: One’s hunger for food
    Sentence: I am not allowed to have snacks after 4 ‘O’clock so I won’t spoil my appetite for dinner.
  • Word: Parched
    Definition: To be extremely hot and dry and need water
    Sentence: We ran out of water and were totally parched by the time we crossed the desert.
  • Word: Lunge
    Definition: To move forward suddenly
    Sentence: The puppy lunged toward the ball.
  • Word: Strive
    Definition: To make your best effort to do something
    Sentence: I strive to walk a little farther every day on my morning walk.
  • Word: Thorough
    Definition: Something that is done carefully and completely from start to finish
    Sentence: Grace did such a thorough job cleaning that there wasn’t a speck of dust left.
  • Word: Avert
    Definition: To turn away from or prevent
    Sentence: The sun was so bright that I had to avert my eyes. I was able to avert an accident by avoiding the branch in the road.
  • Word: Majority
    Definition: More than half
    Sentence: The majority of the students in my class ride a bus to school.
  • Word: Fastidious
    Definition: Not easy to please
    Sentence: The fastidious eater complained about every dish served at dinner.

Word of the Day List for Students with Meanings

The list of word of the day is provided here includes meanings and example sentences.

  • Word: Malleable
    Meaning: Easily influenced
    Sentence: Had the villagers been literate, they would have been less malleable to the landlord’s words.
  • Word: Erudite
    Meaning: Learned
    Sentence: Raju received 85 per cent marks for his erudite thesis.
  • Word: Exasperated
    Meaning: A feeling of annoyance
    Sentence: Exasperated with the attitude of his boss, the employee tendered his resignation.
  • Word: Impeccable
    Meaning: Exemplary, flawless
    Sentence: Though he hailed from France, he spoke impeccable English.
  • Word: Flabbergasted
    Meaning: Astounded
    Sentence: Trina was flabbergasted when the doctors told her she was expecting triplets.
  • Word: Cajole
    Meaning: To urge
    Sentence: She managed to cajole the restaurant manager into giving her a discount.
  • Word: Jostle
    Meaning: Make one’s way by pushing or shoving
    Sentence: “Stop jostling!” screamed the girl at the metro station.
  • Word: Gluttony
    Meaning: Overindulgence in food or drink
    Sentence: She engaged in gluttony every time she went to a wedding party.
  • Word: Jabber
    Meaning: To talk in a noisy or excited manner
    Sentence: She got herself fired by using the office phone to jabber to her friend all day.
  • Word: Brusque
    Meaning: Short and abrupt
    Sentence: The manager’s brusque dismissal offended the clients.

Word of the Day for High School Students with Sentences

Below given are the Word of the Day for Students that helps you to learn new words.

  • Word: Able
    Meaning: having the skill to do something
    Sentence: I am able to eat food on my own.
  • Word: Admit
    Meaning: to agree that something is true
    Sentence: They refused to admit my friend to the club.
  • Word: Believe
    Meaning: to trust in something
    Sentence: My parents are believing that I have completed my assignments.
  • Word: Blink
    Meaning: to open and close eyes quickly.
    Sentence: My sister is blinking her eyes when dust falls in her eyes.
  • Word: Bush
    Meaning: a small tree
    Sentence: A bush in my garden is growing daily.
  • Word: Calm
    Meaning: quiet and peaceful
    Sentence: My teacher said to be calm while taking attendance in the classroom.
  • Word: Careful
    Meaning: doing something with care
    Sentence: Be careful of the traffic.
  • Word: Describe
    Meaning: to say how something or someone looks
    Sentence: My teacher asked my friend to describe their family.

Word of the Day with Definitions for Middle School Students

These are the new words that every middle school student can tell in the Word of the Day activity. Here we are giving the words with meaning and example sentences which helps them to understand the word effortlessly.

  • Word: Giant
    Meaning: anything that is much larger than usual
    Sentence: He looks scary but he’s really a gentle giant.
  • Word: Grab
    Meaning: to snatch quickly
    Sentence: He managed to grab a seat on the packed bus.
  • Word: Huge
    Meaning: very large
    Sentence: He spent a huge amount modernizing his old house.
  • Word: Trust
    Meaning: to believe that someone is honest
    Sentence: Married couples need mutual trust in each other.
  • Word: Pretty
    Meaning: looking nice
    Sentence: We bought a pretty dress for my doll yesterday.
  • Word: Excellent
    Meaning: Superior
    Sentence: The meal looked and tasted excellent.
  • Word: Contented
    Meaning: Satisfied
    Sentence: Right now she felt more contented than she had ever felt in her life.
  • Word: Surprise
    Meaning: Shock
    Sentence: It was a total surprise to see my old friend.
  • Word: Big
    Meaning: large
    Sentence: He always talks about how he used to work for a lawyer, using these big words to impress you.
  • Word: Answer
    Meaning: response
    Sentence: I asked him a simple question and he gave me a long and confusing answer.

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Free Vocabulary Word of the Day for Kids

In the classroom, the word of the day activity for kids helps to improve student’s vocabulary and pronounciation. This will helps students to read their textbooks without taking anyone’s help.

  • Word: Contribute
    Meaning: to give something
    Sentence: The volunteers contributed their time towards cleaning up the city.
  • Word: Finish
    Meaning: complete
    Sentence: She has to finish her work before coming.
  • Word: Glad
    Meaning: happy
    Sentence: I am very glad to see you.
  • Word: Beautiful
    Meaning: pretty
    Sentence: My parents gave me a beautiful present on my birthday.
  • Word: Difficult
    Meaning: hard
    Sentence: Nothing is difficult to the man who will try.
  • Word: Alike
    Meaning: same
    Sentence: Twins look alike, but they differ in temperament.
  • Word: Delicious
    Meaning: yummy
    Sentence: My mother makes delicious cakes for my friends.
  • Word: Interesting
    Meaning: exciting
    Sentence: She had an interesting perspective, and she made him think about things differently.
  • Word: Infant
    Meaning: baby
    Sentence: Martha was alone with an infant and it was after 9’O’ clock.
  • Word: Sad
    Meaning: unhappy
    Sentence: My friend felt sad when their parents scold her.
  • Word: Always
    Meaning: forever
    Sentence: My mother always fed my sister before she fed her dog.
  • Word: Start
    Meaning: to begin
    Sentence: Our school starts at 9’O’ clock in the morning every day.

Benefits of Word of the Day English

Word of the Day English is an interchangeable board having individual letters that can be merged to create a new word every day. The words can be from adjectives or sentence openers.

Word of the day for students is a great engaging activity that helps children to prove their vocabulary and learn new words. This process will help major students who are struggling to remember certain words or engage in group activities.

FAQ’s on Word of the Day for Students

1. What is the word of the day in school?

The word of the day is an activity in each classroom and each teacher uses the word at least once during the class period.

2. What are the 10 new words?

The best 10 new words for school students to use in the Word of the Day event are adulting, awe walk, contactless, room scrolling, PPE, Quarantine, Thirsty, Unconscious bias, truthiness, and WFH.

3. What is the most positive word?

The most positive words in English are laugh, excellent, joy, and happy.

4. How can I learn a word in a day?

The simple techniques to learn new words daily are here:

  • Study for 10 to 20 minutes
  • Get a vocabulary notebook and note the new word
  • Never learn a word in isolation
  • Write 3 or 4 sentences on new word.

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