Trick To Using Whatsapp Web Keyboard Shortcuts


Who doesn’t like small shortcuts that make your life a little easier? Tap Arrow to find some of the great keyboard shortcuts that help you work at a faster pace.

Use Emoticons For Emojis


Type the emoticon on the keyboard and Whatsapp Web will do its job. For example, type (y) & it automatically translate into 👍. Click on Arrow & get a list of emoticons and emojis .

Type Emojis Using The Keyboard


On the chat keyboard, type the colon sign(:) and without leaving any space, start typing the first few letters of the emoji. For example, type ‘:ca‘ & it will prompt you all the emojis with ‘ca’ like cake, cat, etc.

Operate Multiple Whatsapp Accounts On The Same Desktop


Whenever you need to operate more than just one Whatsapp account on your desktop at the same time, you can use the private browsing mode (incognito) on your web browser & log in.

Drag And Drop Your Files To Upload Them


Just open the folder that you want to upload the file from and drag and drop the file into the chat. The file will attach itself to the chat that you can then share easily.

How To Read Messages Without The Read Receipt (Blue Tick)


This trick is useful when you know someone is going to message you but you can’t interact with them right away. Hit the Arrow for detailed Steps to Read Messages without Read Receipt.

Use WAToolkit To Get A Message Preview


WAToolkit is one of the best extensions to add extra features for Whatsapp Web. It enables always-on notifications. You will receive Whatsapp notifications even when the Whatsapp tab is not open

Enable Dark Mode For Whatsapp Web


Whatsapp Web dark mode is now available in Settings. Just click on the three vertical dots menu > Settings > Theme > Select Dark > Ok. That’s all you have to do to enable Dark Mode For Whatsapp Web.

Change The Chat Wallpaper And Remove The Doodles


If you do not like the default wallpaper in Whatsapp chats, you can remove the doodles from the background if you want and keep a solid colour canvas instead.

Change The Font Of Your Text Message


Sometimes we need to say some things a little differently on text to get our message across. To do so, you can try typing in different fonts. Just check the list of fonts used in whatsapp web by clicking the arrow.

Easily Transfer Files Between Your Phone And Desktop


Whatsapp Web is great when it comes to transferring photos, videos, documents, and other data between your phone and desktop. Follow the simple steps to transfer all your media easily by tapping on arrow.

Access Whatsapp Web Quickly


Unless you have downloaded Whatsapp on your desktop, it can be a hassle accessing Whatsapp Web quickly. However, you can create a shortcut to access it quickly from the taskbar in Windows.

Mute Whatsapp Web Notifications


You can disable the sound, desktop alerts, previews, or completely disable notifications. To customize your notifications, go to WhatsApp Web Settings > Notifications. You will find all the four options.

Make Changes To Multiple Messages Together


Whatsapp Web lets you delete, download, forward, or favourite multiple messages together. See how by pressing the below arrow.

Download Multiple Media Files At Once


One more useful whatsapp web trick is downloading multiple media files at once and save your valuable time. Want to check how to do that? then click this Arrow.

Use ZApp To Control Volume And Playback Speed


Whatsapp Web does not support voice calls. Thus, the use of voice messages increases tenfold. Zapp extension can be quite useful in this case. Tap Arrow and know in-detail about ZApp.