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How to Recover or Repair Corrupted JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP Photos in 2021?



Corrupted Photo Recovery

Corrupted Photo Recovery: We all hate it when our precious memories in the form of photographs are erased forever. This is why we get anxious when we find damaged JPEG files. But there are several methods through which you can easily repair corrupted pics for free online.

In this article, you will find several solutions to repair your damaged photos as well as videos. You can use software like Stellar Phoenix on your Windows 10 to easily repair corrupted photos online. There are also some online sites that specialize in repairing JPEG photos as well.

How to know that your file is corrupted?

If your file refuses to open or the photos look cracked, then you can understand that it needs some serious repair. As the images are always in JPG, JPEG, or PNG format in lighter configuration, they easily get damaged.

Usually, if you open these photos regularly, they are unlikely to get damaged. Therefore, if you have recovered some old images, we have mentioned some effective techniques to bring back your pictures to glory.

There are essentially 3 ways to fix a file:

  • Stellar Phoenix JPEG repair
  • Repair using Command Prompt
  • Fixing images online

Corrupted Photo Repair with Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair

Stellar Phoenix is the highest-rated software when it comes to repairing corrupted pictures or JPEG files. There are many types of recovery software under it but it is best known for image repairs. You can follow these steps to recover your damaged files.

  • The software is available for both Mac and Windows, therefore, download Stellar Photo Repair and install it.
  • Click on Add File and search for your corrupted image. Select the file and click on open to add it to the software.Add files option
  • Click on the Repair button after adding it to the software. It takes only a few seconds for the software to repair your file completely. You can fix your JPEG file in repair pics and click on the button

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Utilize Command Prompt to Fix Damaged Files

Command Prompt is a reliable and powerful method to repair any JPEG image on your PC or Laptop. You can do this easily on your device without relying on any application.

  • Click on the Windows button and search for CMD to run as Administrator.
  • Open the Command Prompt and type SFC/scannow. After you click on the enter button, it will take a few seconds to scan your command prompt and tap sfs or scannow

If the command prompt will find any corrupted file, you need to restart the computer. If your files are safe, then the system will let you know that Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations. This method will provide a hard scan of all the corrupted files and you can easily fix all the problems leading to damage.

Fix Corrupted Images Online Free

In the online process, you can convert a file to another file to check if it’s corrupted. Make sure to check your internet connection before following the steps.

  • Connect the internet to your device and go to an online conversion site.
  • You will find the image file format on the left side of the webpage. Tap on it and choose the file type (JPEG, PNG, etc.).

choose files

  • Click on browse and select the file you wish to convert. Click on submit to start converting. The file will automatically be downloaded after the process.

You can use this process to convert your corrupted videos as well. Want to know how to recover deleted Snapchat memories? then check out our guide via the direct link available.

Why does a File get corrupted? Reasons

There are several reasons why a file gets corrupted. If you are looking for reasons for ‘what causes a file to be corrupted?’, then we have got the answers here.

Pictures are very important and they serve as essential memorabilia. But when you retrieve your old pictures, you find them damaged all of a sudden. Generally, a damaged file cannot be obtained back but now there are several ways to save your memories from being lost forever.

The reasons for your file getting corrupted are as follows:

Wrong Portion of Hard Drive

We tend to save all our images on the hard drive. But the hard drive also reaches an endpoint so if you save your pictures in the wrong portion, they will automatically get corrupted.

If you do not know which portion of your drive is unstable, open the picture once after you have saved it on the drive. By doing this, you can be assured that your file is safe.

bad portion of hard drive

Bad DVD or CD

CD is a popular medium for storing files that can be carried everywhere. A lot of people are used to saving pictures on a CD or even a DVD. But CD is not a safe medium as images tend to get corrupted easily if it is not stored properly or there are some scratches on it.

corrupt CD or DVD

Files Infected by Virus

Viruses are famous for damaging computers and other electronic devices. So if your device is infected, it automatically implies that your files will also be corrupted.

Conclusion on Corrupted Photo Recovery

Not just your images, if your device is having any issue, the rest of your files will also be damaged. This is why it is advised to install antivirus software on your PC to regularly scan your device for any harmful viruses.

If you find any problem, get it fixed immediately. The methods that are used for Corrupted Photo Recovery Online explained above are very clear so stick to them and fix all your issues with ease.