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List of Best Free Softwares for Students to Try in 2022 | 10 Useful & Important Softwares for Productivity of Students



Free Softwares for Students

Have you just begun your journey and joined college? If so there is no wonder you might be looking for help in search of Free Softwares that can aid in your academic journey. You will be amazed to know how many options are available out there to choose from without spending a single penny. Free Software Market has expanded widely over time and many programs are readily available for all of you.

Luckily buying Software shouldn’t be an expense for you to learn new skills. Be it life skills or skills to help in your school Companies have come up with lots of Software that are readily available. To Save yourself on Fortune we have covered some of the Best Free Softwares for Students related to Antivirus, Image, Audio & Video Editing all under one place.

10 Useful Free Softwares to Download for Students in 2022

We have mentioned some of the educational software for students free download. Use any of them as per your comfort and learning needs and make the difference.

Microsoft Office 365 for Windows or Mac

There are plenty of office imitators out there in the market. But why get all of them when you can get the real one for free of cost. Obtain Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams, and a lot more completely free. It gives you 1 TB of OneDrive Cloud Storage and all you need to do is simply up with your School Specific Email Address.

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides

Google Docs is one of the coolest options available out there that we suggest for students as it is easy t use, straightforward, and helps you prepare basic documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online. It may not be an advanced editing option but gives you options like cell editing, text editing, font editing, and so on. You can upload your documents in any of the supported forms such as Doc, PPT, XLS, CSV, and many more forms.

What makes Google Docx stand out from the rest of the crowd is its flexibility to make collaborations, group projects. Multiple People can work on the same document at once and make necessary modifications as well trace the changes being made by others too easily. You can even discuss changes in the live chat option while doing so. You can easily restore or view earlier versions of your document if you delete something.

Google Sheets Tips

Thanks to Google Drive’s Autosave Feature¬†as you can save your files when your battery dies or when you lose your internet connection suddenly. You can relax keeping in mind that your work will be saved automatically with a Cloud Storage System that you can access from anywhere.

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Tableau for Windows, Mac

Tableau is an extremely great visual analytics tool that helps you analyze huge amounts of data in various ways. K-12 Students can get it for free and can visualize data in the form of graphs, maps, charts, interactive dashboards, etc.  You can create beautiful graphics as a part of your presentations y using this ultimate software completely free.

Avast Free Antivirus Softwares

Avast is free software that can detect spyware, malware, viruses, trojans, and malicious adware. It gives you browser, email scanners that can protect you from phishing emails, spam, viruses. It is easy to use but slows down the performance of a computer while running a scan.

AVG Anti Virus

Scammers are becoming advanced day by day so you need to take care of your computer. There are plenty of Anti Virus Softwares available in the market but if you can’t afford them you can definitely try out AVG Anti Virus as it helps you regarding the basics. You can protect your computer from Viruses, Malware, Block Unsafe Links or Downloads. Scan your system with any slowdown in performance and this can be a great advantage with this software.

Bitdefender Anti Virus Free

Bitdefender is a famous antivirus software and gives you great protection against phishing. There is no way to schedule scans and scan does take place automatically. This can cause inconvenience for you as it may scan at odd times like when you are seriously revising topics for exams. Its security comes with full features and can be a great option to pick if you are looking for sophisticated antivirus protection.

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If you want to go for sophisticated image editing software there is no doubt you wouldn’t go for Photoshop. There are several alternatives for Photoshop Editing Softwares and Canva is one among them. It is the best image editing & design software and you can create pro-looking images with this amazing tool. To get full-fledged templates and feature access you might need to pay a certain amount. If you are studying or wanted to start your own business we highly recommend Canva to try. You can create Instagram Posts, Stories, Banners, Presentations, Business Cards, etc.


PIXLR is a great alternative to Photoshop and it is completely online. It comes with plenty of features like brushes, filters, masks, for more sophisticated editing. You can open Photos from your computer or from the Internet and customize the toolbars as per your needs. To use PIXLR you need to download Flash Player in advance.


PAINT.NET comes from its roots in Microsoft Paint Software. However, it is more evolved and has got plenty of features than regular ones, and has the ability to undo to the beginning of the file. If you are aware of Photoshop Tool you will find plenty of similar tools like a magic wand, lasso and clone stamp, etc. You can save your Images in any of the formats like .png, .jpg, and a lot more. You can even download the Plugins developed by the PAINT.NET Community.



Audacity is an open-source multi-track audio editor that helps you to record, edit, convert, copy, mix, and do whatever you want to do with your audio. You can raise the audio level of a file that is too quiet, reduce noise on a recording that you are unable to hear properly, change the speed and pitch of a file, etc. With this audio editor, you can produce great multi-track songs or conversations for free. You can import and export WAV, MP3, AIFF, AU, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis files using this audio editing software.


Final Words

Hope your School or College Life would be no longer boring with these Free Softwares for Students. Without any further delay download them and make the most out of them. If you have any queries or suggestions on the list to be added further feel free to reach us via comment section and our team will look into them and add it at the earliest possibility.

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