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What are Some Cool Funny Activities for College Students? | Best Tasks for Party Games



Funny Tasks for College Students

Are you hosting a party in college? Then you need to know various funny tasks for college students that are useful to engage students. These cool activities help them exercise physically, mentally. Of course, several types of research have proven that physical exercises improve mental sharpness. Hence we are including physical and mental games in the list of cool and interesting games for college students.

Senior students can add all the provided funny ragging questions and creative games for freshers parties online to make this party successful and memorable for your juniors. With these cool tasks, there will be good interaction between seniors and juniors in your college.

Hosting a college party is not an easy job as it looks even selecting some cool tasks for the party is very difficult. The students who are conducting the party goes into trouble if they fail to make plans to celebrate the party. Because other students will remember the scenarios and will tease you until college completion. That’s why Don’t Be Lazy and try to arrange all things before starting the party. Have a look at the funny tasks for college students and try to include them in your party.

Funny Tasks for College Students

The list of funny activities and games for college students are mentioned here. The host of a college event can add these funny games and questions to make the event successful.

1. Chit Paper Task

In this task, the host will write several activities like mimicry, singing a song, item dance, imitating someone, sharing their best moments at college, etc on individual chits. Drop all these chits into a bowl and the person who chooses has to do it surely.

With this funny task, college students will enjoy a lot, spend their happy time and chill out by teasing their friends. The Chit paper task is one of the old games that is playing from the olden days. This game is not only for college students but also for adults, office colleagues, roommates, friends and so on. Such that every age group persons can play this chit paper game to spend memorable time.

2. Ramp Walk for all

The second funny task for college students during college events is ramp walk. The host has to announce on stage that every student needs to ramp walk on stage in their own style. Students one by one get onto the stage and start their style of walking between both ends of the stage facing the audience and going back.

Students have to form a line after completing the ramp walk and take a photograph and keep it as a memory. Ramp walk is a common activity that is conducted in every college event.

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3. Paper Dance

As the name suggests, paper dance is an event where pairs have to dance on a sheet of paper without touching any part of the body outside the boundaries of the sheet. To do this activity, all students have to form pairs. The music will start playing in the background and pairs have to dance inside the sheet. After some time, music will get a pause, then the couple has to balance on a newspaper.

Paper Dance

The couple who can’t stay in the posture will get eliminated. With every pause in the music, the sheet will be folded. Hence the sheet will keep getting smaller and the game continues. The last pair to survive in this game will win the paper dance task.

4. Dubsmash

Dubsmash is one more fun game that can be played by forming individuals as groups of equal quantity. People can choose any one section as a category from songs, movies, famous quotes, groceries names and others. For two groups, the second group have to discuss and give anyone name to the one person from the first group. The selected person have to enact the given name without opening their mouth and their group persons have to guess that name. In the same way, first group people have to enact the name given by the second group. It is generally a guessing game where time is allotted for every round.

Rules for Dubsmash Game

  • Only actions have to be done.
  • Teams should have the same guessing time for every word.
  • The word once given should not repeat between teams.
  • One team member should not help other team members.

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5. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is one of the interesting and funny tasks for college students. It can be conducted during a college event to engage students. It is a game of elimination involving players, chairs, and music. Musical chairs is a staple of many parties worldwide. In general, any age group person can play this game easily. The main skill required to win in musical chairs is quick reaction time. It is both a physical game as well as a mental stability game.

musical chairs

To play musical chairs, we need (number of candidates – 1) chairs and arrange them in a circular shape and a music box. The process to play musical chairs is as follows:

  • Start the music and all the players have to walk clockwise in a circle around the chairs.
  • Stop the music suddenly, and all the players have to sit quickly in an empty chair.
  • One student will be left standing without a chair, and they will be thrown out of the game.
  • Another chair is then removed and the game continuous.
  • The last person who sits in the single chair is announced as the winner.

6. Tell Alphabets in Reverse Order

Everyone knows, telling the 26 alphabets from A to Z is a game of minutes, but they never try the Z to A series. This reverse order will make your tongue twist. So adding such a type of game or task in the college party really make sense.

The other students can enjoy while the player is speaking mistakes while telling alphabets or taking too much time to recollect the next alphabet and say.

7. Try Eating Food Without Using Hands

Eating with our hands is an easy task that we all do every day. But someone asks you to eat food or snacks without using your hands then what is your expression after hearing this. You might tell them are you mad? But this is a weird part of the task and because of that difficulty, the task becomes so funny and interesting.

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8. Do Makeup Without Looking into Mirror

This task is just like telling someone to drink water without touching the glass. Doing makeup without looking into the mirror seems an interesting activity for college students. Mainly girls take part in this kind of making makeup tasks, but boys can also participate in this.

Doing makeup means using all makeup products completely and after that, the person who looks better will be the winner of the game.

9. Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling is a casual sport that is played between two persons to decide who is strong. With this game, you got to know who the muscle man among them and this activity for college students are just for that. It is another better funny game for college students. Organise the classic arm wrestling match for the students to break the ice between groups. These funny tasks for college students are going to strengthen the friendship bond between them.

Arm Wrestling

10. Puzzle or Quiz Challenge

You can turn your topics into puzzles and create a fun quiz, which requires multiple people to solve them.

For example, you can create 5 to 10 puzzles and divide each puzzle into 8 clues. Then drop all the clues papers into a bowl and allow students to pick their chits. After that, students have to match their clues with other clues and find all clues related to each other.

Like this, conduct a puzzle game between the college students as a funny task.

FAQ’s on Fun Activities for College Students

1. What activities can be done in college?

Even though there are numerous extracurricular activities exist, the following listed activities are those that are commonly found on college campuses.

  • Student Government.
  • Athletics.
  • Academic and Professional Organizations.
  • Volunteer and Service-Related Activities.
  • Multicultural Activities.
  • The Arts.
  • Other Activities.

2. What questions can be asked at freshers parties?

Seniors in college can ask general questions related to their choice. The questions can be related to other person’s hobbies, their personal life, thinking cap, assumptions, and many more interesting concepts.

3. What are some cool tasks one can have while hosting a fresher’s party in college?

There are several tasks while hosting a fresher’s part for college students. It includes a musical chair game, rat race game, proposal game, ramp walk for all, chit paper tasks and so on.

4. What are fun activities for college students?

The college students important fun activity is to organize unforgettable college events. Other different fun activities for college students are here.

  • Take students on natural tours.
  • Connect students to local charities and volunteer opportunities.
  • Create scavenger hunts that involve the college campus and community.
  • Host crawls and provides students that transportation.
  • Recruit popular speaks that inspires students.

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