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Steps on How to Earn Money on YouTube? | Top 7 Tricks to Make Money on Youtube 2022



If you are wondering How to Make Money on Youtube, check these top 7 strategies for monetizing your channel and creative work. Nowadays common people i.e content creators on Youtube are turning into celebrities. People who have earned viewers by creating content regarding teaching, technology, entertaining, reviewing and being awesome on the internet.

Youtube has got half the internet i.e 1.9 billion users logging in every month. At the same time, 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute. So it is not that easy to get paid from a Youtube account as a content creator. In every category, there is heavy competition for viewership and subscriptions on Youtube videos. YouTubers need to follow simple instructions and guidelines to get how to earn a lot of money on Youtube as listed in the following sections.

First of all, join the Youtube Partner Program and create a channel. To make your Youtube channel successful it should meet the basic requirements of the Youtube Partner Program, set up an AdSense account, and check monetization features.

Top 7 Tips on How to Make Money on Youtube 2022?

Youtube content creators can generate revenue via ads, affiliate links, red subscribers, super chat, super strikers, number of views, and many more. Here we are giving the simple top 7 strategies that are helpful to make more money on Youtube 2022. Follow all these tricks without fail to know How do Youtubers get Paid without million subscribers.

1. Youtube Monetization: Use affiliate links on YouTube

Promoting affiliate links can be a massive earning opportunity for Youtube channels that provide in-depth tutorials and insightful product reviews. Try to place those affiliate links in the first few lines of your description and tell about the link in the video content.

Posting affiliate links on Youtube shares a typical resemblance to promoting those links on your channel. But you shouldn’t pour affiliate links all over the content.

Don’t forget that viewers will only follow these links when they believe you are a trusted resource. To build trust in customers get more subscribers.

2. Make the most of your YouTube marketing funnel

You have to optimize the Youtube channel for sales. Choose your niche to become a Youtube partner and begin planning your marketing funnel. Youtube is a platform where you can spread your message or words and you can make money using Youtube in unison with a blog. Where you can collect more email addresses and eventually sell products to your fan base.

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The second great way to connect with you during live streaming and premiers is super chat and super stickers. These are fun, bright messages and stickers that fans can buy to show their support and help them stand out.

3. Become a YouTube Partner and earn from video ads

Majorly Youtubers can make income through ads. There are some basic rules to become a certified Youtube Partner and some prerequisites needed to start. According to Youtube Partner Program, you must have a minimum of 400 video watch hours on your channel in the last 12 months and have at least 1000 subscribers. After achieving the minimum requirements, you can start earning from ads.

You can not only make money from ads but also in different ways. The other way How to Earn Money on Youtube are doing a live stream and you can review a product or service and demand money from that brand company. You can also make money by targetting Youtube premium subscribers who can buy chat messages that are different from regular ones.

4. Master Your YouTube SEO

If you are a Youtube creator and don’t have a significant following yet, then you need to maximize Youtube SEO this year. To do that you have to find based on what people are searching videos on Youtube and use all these high volume keywords in your video title, description, and tags. After uploading that particular video, monitor your channel traffic through Traffic Source: YouTube searches and make a report on what people are searching for when they find your videos.

Also keep in mind that google provides video results for keywords like how-to, reviews, funny video terms, and tutorials. That means there is a possibility that if you include such terms, the chances of your video getting traffic or views are high.

The five important Youtube SEO ranking factors to consider are here:

  • Number of comments
  • Subscribes after watching a video
  • Thumbs up/thumbs down ratio
  • Video length
  • Click-through-rate on the YouTube search result

Actually, high-quality channels will get ranked first in google. To get better viewership try to upload more videos on Youtube.

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5. Sell Products or Merchandise

There are various products to sell that can help you to make money via the Youtube channel. Selling merchandise like clothing, kitchen utilities, bags, accessories you name it has a benefit beyond revenue. Merchandise increases your exposure by putting online brand and personality into the offline world. Anyone can order products using freelancer sites like You can show your fans, how the products exactly look like and give reviews.

You can also choose the Amazon influencer program to earn more money on Youtube. After joining this program, you can review and recommend products to your audience to purchase via affiliate links. Along with the product review, Amazon also allows content creators to promote their own merch by taking the profit of the sale.

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6. Explore extra gains from YouTube Red Subscribers

Youtube red users have to pay $9.99 for ad-free Youtube viewing. Without getting ads, content creators can generate money and make 55% of revenue, based on view time. There are mixed reviews on whether Youtube Red increases or decreases CPM rates. With Youtube Red, your watch time matters so check your Youtube analytics to view your statistics like watch time and video engagement.

7. Make Money on YouTube with Funding from Your Fans

If you have built loyal fans, encouraging them to crowdfund your channel can help you fund new videos and profit. A crowdfunding platform like Patreon is the process of getting paid for the content. As long as the type of content you create is interesting, entertaining or providing value, you would be amazed at how viewers open the floodgates of generosity. Understanding the demographics of your viewers is also important when deciding how to ask for donations.

How to Make Money From Youtube Without Making Videos?

The different strategies that are useful to earn income on Youtube without making any videos are here. Check the guide on how to make money fast on Youtube without making videos.

Find your niche

Identify the type of videos that you watch on Youtube. Because you have to find your gold mine. A lot of channels are not using their own content. They go and find videos and reupload them on their channels to make money. They monetize their channels by using ads and affiliate marketing. It is legal and fair use.

Create your channel

Create a new channel under your profile. Now, you have to brand to be suitable for your niche and make it seem professional. Create a logo, profile picture, and banner, and try to fill your bio section with related high-volume keywords. You can use famous tools to search keywords. It will ensure that your channel will not be considered a robot.

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Monetize your channel

Now move to your content section. Go to Youtube search and filter videos by selecting creative commons and sort by count view. Creative commons indicates that you can use the content in the video after editing without being copy written. Make required changes and create a video on your own after finding the content. Add a thumbnail and use the keywords that you initially used for your search after finishing the editing process. Try to upload one to 7 videos a month to achieve fast results.

Optimize videos

You must have a clear idea of what type of content brings more money on Youtube and it depends on the click-through rate, your watch time. These are the final tips to optimize your videos.

  • Create attractive title
  • Design thumbnails each time
  • Edit your videos
  • Storytell
  • List your videos under a common license
  • Be consistent

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FAQ’s on How to Make Money on Youtube 2022

1. How do YouTubers get paid?

YouTubers have to follow all these steps to get paid on Youtube. They are listed here.

  • Apply for the Youtube Partner Program
  • Connect to Google AdSense
  • Check Youtube Premium
  • Use product placement and video sponsorship
  • Sell services or products to viewers
  • Meet up with fans in the real world
  • Turn to crowdfund.

2. How many views do you need on Youtube to make money?

To get paid on Youtube, you need to reach a balance of $100 or more views. You have to gain at least 20,000 views to receive $5 per 1000 views. Youtube partner program allows earning money through advertisements on your page. The minimum requirements to earn income from Youtube are you must have at least 1000 subscribers, reach 4000 valid public watch hours in the last year, sign and agree to the terms, have an AdSense account, get it reviewed and approved.

3. What topics on Youtube make the most money?

As per the Youtube Creators Academy, the most popular youtube video topics are here. They are entertainment, sports, gaming, music, food, beauty and fashion, science and technology and travel. If you are planning to start a Youtube channel, they try to include these categories to earn more money fastly.

4. How many subscribers do you need on Youtube to start making money?

To start making money from Youtube, creators must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the last year. Once they reach those requirements, they can apply for a Youtube partner program that allows creators to monetize their channel through ads, subscriptions, and channel membership.

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