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U19 World Cup 2024: Aakash Chopra Said India’s Fast Bowling was Slightly Weak



U19 WC 2024: India's Fast Bowling was Slightly Weak States Aakash Chopra

U19 WC 2024: India’s Fast Bowling was Slightly Weak States Aakash Chopra: In the final match of the Under-19 World Cup, the AUS Squad beat India by 79 runs to lift the trophy in Benoni, SA. After the U19 WC 2024 finals, Former India batter Aakash Chopra mentioned that India’s fast bowling was slightly weak post-match.

Today’s victory is Australia’s 3rd Victory over India in significant ICC Finals over the past few months, have made it out in the 2023 IDI WC and World Test Championship.

Aakash Chopra’s Remarks On Indian Fast Pacer After Under-19 World Cup Finals 2024

While recording a new video for his YouTube channel, Chopra stated that India’s fast bowling was not that good, insisting that the Indian pacemakers didn’t hold the capacity to strike the Australian batters adequately.

Raj Limbani proved to be a crucial asset to the Indian cricket team as he emerged as the top-performing bowler in the match. With his incredible skills and precision, he claimed a total of three wickets, while conceding just 38 runs in 10 overs.

Aakash Chopra added further that, “Yes, our fast bowlers picked up wickets but you should have picked up at least three opposition wickets in the first 10 overs. Raj Limbani picked up one wicket. You should have got two more wickets if the fast bowling had been good from both ends”.

After the match, Limbani expressed his disappointment that the Indian pacers failed to secure more wickets in the powerplay. Despite his early breakthrough in the third over, Australia managed to maintain their composure and did not lose another wicket until the 21st over.

“Our fast bowling was not that good. Raj Limbani did very well but I saw the fast bowling as slightly weak. We were slightly more focused on spin but you needed fast bowling on this Benoni pitch. We didn’t attack enough with fast bowling,” communicated Chopra.

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Also, he expressed that the Indian batters were not prepared to handle their short-ball strategy. Australia defeats India for 174 runs in 43.5 overs.

“A big learning we got was that we are slightly 50-50 against the short ball. It is down to conditioning. When we have not played or learned something from childhood, suddenly when we encounter that, we are not that ready. It makes a difference. The opposing team played four fast bowlers and all four of them were six feet tall, and they bowled bouncers regularly,” stated Chopra.

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