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1000 Views of YouTube Money in India | How Much YouTube Pays for 1000 Views in India 2022?



1000 Views of YouTube Money in India

There are many ways to earn from YouTube, the most popular and most famous social media platform. Everyone knows how YouTube works. Previously, YouTube made money only through views and subscribers. But with the introduction of advertisement features, earning money through YouTube has become more straightforward. But the kind of content you provide to YouTube must meet certain standards to acquire advertising.

You can earn money from YouTube in a few different ways, like through ads, sponsorships, and affiliate programs. Here, we have mentioned how much YouTube is paying to the Indian users per 1000 Views. It is a very easily available source of Income and can generate a decent income for YouTubers.

How Much Money Does YouTube Pay for 1000 Views in India?

Just as YouTube makes high-quality sources for content creators, content creators also produce high-quality content for viewers. You will be paid based on the way you make your videos and how they reach your audience. When your video reaches a certain number of viewers, your channel will grow.

It is possible to make money directly from YouTube as well as via advertisements. To make money directly from YouTube you must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year. You will then receive direct payment from YouTube despite the fact that the video has already been posted.

YouTube will return money to you despite the fact the video has already been added. Earn money for a 1,000-view video, YouTube paid around 3-5%. The amounts you will receive are not fixed and vary by the number of views.

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Amount Paid According to the Content | YouTube Money Calculator

Content  The Income per 1,000 views in Rupees
Movies Review 19 – 44.03 Rs
Education Channels 9.24 – 71.04 Rs
Comedy Channels 22.05 – 29.4 Rs
Science and Tech 24.20 – 139.05 Rs
DIY 8 – 30.11 Rs
Entertainment or Gaming 7.35 – 74.70 Rs
Recipes 7.35 – 66.17 Rs

Ways to Earn Money from YouTube

A YouTube video is watched every second and almost 5 billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube, so someone can be watching one right now and someone else will be watching one shortly. Even if you’ve been on YouTube for a long time, you’ll have to understand how the algorithm changes and the trend is based on optimization.

  • YouTube affiliate links let you monetize the links.
  • You can earn from video ads.
  • Be perfect with your YouTube SEO.
  • You can start your marketing cleverly with affiliate links on YouTube.

We recommend you explore more ways how to make money on Youtube clearly.

FAQs on YouTube Income per 1000 Views

1. How many views can help you to earn money from YouTube?

When you factor in the rate of ads actually viewed, you get paid when someone watches or clicks on an ad shown on your video. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, expenses depend on the type of channel and the number of ad views, but on average you can make around Rs 250- Rs 300 per 1,000 video views.

2. How Do YouTubers get paid?

Forbes data shows that YouTube’s top earners make roughly half of their revenue from advertisements. When you set up an AdSense account and enable monetization on your YouTube channel, you will only receive payment once you reach $100.

3. How many subscribers do you need to get paid by YouTube?

You can earn money directly from YouTube by reaching 1,000 subscribers and watching 4,000 hours in the last year, and by becoming a YouTube Partner. YouTube’s Partner Program allows channel owners to earn money through ads, subscriptions, and channel memberships.

4. Who are the richest YouTubers in India?

Ajey Nagar
Bhuvan Bam
Ashish Chanchalani
Amit Bhadana
Gaurav Chaudhary

5. Can I buy YouTube Subscribers?

It’s a good thing that every channel owner can benefit from buying YouTube views and subscribers. If you have an established platform, you can increase your following with engagement. For channel owners just getting started, you can use it to get exposure to new audiences.

6. Is YouTube a good career option?

The benefits of YouTube are numerous, such as creating a great portfolio for videographers and directors who want to keep practicing before making a career move. Therefore, professionals can upload fresh, original videos to Youtube on a weekly or monthly basis while still maintaining their other jobs.


YouTube has been one of the largest sources of income for content creators. It helps them to earn a decent income after they have fulfilled some of the criteria. It offers an open opportunity for all. In this article, we have mentioned how much a YouTuber can earn after he/she has crossed 1000 views. I hope this article is useful for all the users who want to start earning from YouTube. You can even try some of the Best Money Earning App in India.

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