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Ways to Delete Messages and Snaps on Snapchat That The Other Person Saved



Can I Delete Snaps Someone else Saved How To

Can I Delete Snaps Someone else Saved How To: With the onslaught of messages sent and received each day, it can be difficult to keep up with all the information that could vary from important to just trivial. Whether it’s a message that you meant to send but accidentally sent prematurely or a text that you thought would be funny but might have hurt the other person’s feelings, it’s a good thing that there are now apps that can help you delete messages.

Snapchat allows users to delete photos and videos from both ends. If you take a screenshot of the content, the user who sent it will know. However, there is a way around it: when you tell someone that you’ve taken a screenshot of their content, they might be annoyed and want you to delete the image — but that’s not possible because Snapchat doesn’t give you that option.

To be able to delete a snap that someone else saved on your Snapchat, just go to the profile of the user who saved it and block him/her. If you block this person, you will notice that the entire conversation is deleted (along with all its contents), and you’ll no longer see any traces of it either. This technique will remove all snaps that the person has posted on their account, including those they have saved.

Steps to Remove a Snap that someone else saved

  • Firstly, go to the person’s chat and open his profile.
  • Select the three dots symbol and open the Settings icon and click on “block” to block the person.

Once you have blocked the person you’re chatting with on Snapchat, their messages will be moved away from your inbox, and their saved snaps will be deleted from your chat. This will help you accomplish what you are looking to do, but you can delete your entire Snapchat account if that fact is sensitive.

On the other hand, if you decide that you want to end the conversation without blocking the person, you can simply delete the message. Even though Snapchat messages disappear once they are sent, there is an option to retrieve them; however, make sure you act fast, as these messages will be gone forever in under 10 seconds.

Let’s jump into a more comprehensive step-by-step guide.

How to Delete Snapchat Messages saved by Other Person?

If someone else has saved your Snapchat photos, there are only two ways to get them deleted.

1. Blocking

Block a friend on Snapchat instantly, and all of their snaps will be fully deleted from your account. This is a smart solution to potentially awkward situations where you want to break contact with another user without sacrificing Snap trophies or memories.

2. Delete the Account

When nothing else works, there’s always one last thing you can try: deactivating your Snapchat account. After 30 days of inactivity, your account will be automatically removed from the Snapchat system, which means that all your messages and pictures will be erased from their servers.

In addition, Snap History Eraser claims to delete messages sent to others on their devices, but there are much better third-party applications that can do the job just as well.

For example, Snap Deletion lets you delete any messages that have been saved on someone else’s device. This means that you can remove old messages without your partner even knowing!

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How do I Delete Snaps Someone else Saved Permanently using iMyFone Umate Pro?

iMyFone Umate Pro is the best solution for ios users who wants to erase their Snapchat history. This dedicated app lets you remove any of your posts that you want, with just one click. It helps prevent your friends or followers from seeing any posts that you deleted or had previously hidden.

The Steps to delete are as follows –

Step 1:

  • Download and install the iMyFone iPhone Eraser.
  • Launch it.
  • Connect your I Device to the PC via a USB cable.

Deleting Snapchat Messages on your iPhone

Step 2: Choose ‘Erase Private Fragments’ Tab

Deleting Snapchat Messages on your iPhone

Step 3: Then, select the Snapchat icon and then click on ‘Erase Now’.

Steps to Unsave Messages on Android

To Unsave Snapchat messages on your Android device.

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Swipe the screen to open the Friends page.
  3. On the Friends page, choose the Chat column.
  4. Open the particular chat which you want to delete
  5. Long press on the message and choose the option ‘Clear’ to delete.

What can a Snapchat History Eraser do?

Snapchat automatically deletes messages from its servers, but they can still be found on your phone memory. If you don’t want to leave a digital footprint of your sent messages with your friends or any other contacts, then you can use Snap History Eraser. It puts an end to this dilemma with all the information that you share on Snapchat.


Snapchat lets you do what you want and when you want — and that includes deleting those pesky messages. If you regret a snap, a text, or a video, don’t worry, Snapchat makes it easy for you to delete your messages. You can either swipe left or right on a message and click the little “delete” button that shows up in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, or, if you want to be especially cautious, you can press and hold the message until a trashcan appears.

I hope the data shared above on Can I Delete Snaps Someone else Saved How To help you in solving your issue. Even you can get knowledge about the Snapchat app by visiting our website or else look at the Tech guides like How To Send A Snap To Everyone on Snapchat and How to View Secret Conversations on Messenger by clicking on the direct links available.

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