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See How Google Displays the App Installs Count on Google Play Listing?



Count App Install on Google Play

See How Count App Install on Google Play: If you’re an Android user, you would know that in the Google Play Store, you can see the number of downloads that any app has. But after a certain point, the number goes to an average, and it’s not possible to know the exact number of downloads from there.

It would perhaps say 1k+ downloads, and this refers to the total installs, but this isn’t referring to the active installation count, which makes it unreliable information.

You can track this data if you have an app, though. For knowing the total count of app installs on Google Play, you need the Console that’s the way to get the statistics that you are looking for.

Google Play Store homepage shows the apps and the installs.

There are many apps in the Play Store, and many of them have more than 10,000 downloads. The issue is, as mentioned that the exact number will not be visible. But if the app in question has fewer installations, only then you will be able to see the exact number of installs of that particular app on Google Play.

Google Play Console, which we spoke about earlier, shows the active app installs over time. This is from the year 2018 to the present day so that you can get precise data. This used to be seen in a statistical view, but it has now changed to being graphical.

This means that you need to log in to the Google Play Console if you want reliable and accurate data about the exact number of downloads, active installs, and all the statistics that you need.

In this article, we will be looking at how you can count the lifetime installs for your app, customize the data or get the exact number of installs. It is a lot simpler to track the installs since you can see it in graphics with the latest update. Also, more user details are available, like the device information and so on.

How to View Exact Download Statistics from Google Play?

You cannot get the exact download statistics from the Play Store app, so the alternative is to get the data from the Google Play Console, where you can count app installs on Google Play as it will be displayed there. Let’s take a look a look at how you can count app install on Google Play in more detail.

From the Play Store Homepage or Google Play Console

When you go on the Play Store, the data will only be in estimated counts. For example, it will say ‘M’ for these many million downloads or ‘K’ for these many thousand dollars. But as you know, this is not the exact number of installs. Google Play Console, on the other hand, will get you all of this data for your app.

It uses data metrics, making it very helpful for whoever wants app data. There are also other metrics taken into consideration, and the data is then displayed. There is a lot of information that you can get from the statistics report.

Google Play Console has graphical statistics.

Play Console Data vs Play Store Data

The concept for Google Play Console Data vs PlayStore Data is the difference of data that is displayed. In the latter, you won’t get the exact number of installs for any app. Whereas the former will show you the exact number of installs, active installs, and a lot more useful data for your app, making this a better option.

Counting Total Downloads on Google Play Console

To count app installs on Google Play and the latest reports and stats, you need to just download the report data that is available on the Console. Make sure that your app is listed on the Console.

There are two steps to get the data mentioned, and they are:

  • Downloading Data
  • Using Excel

Downloading Data

The first thing that needs to be done is that you need to set the parameters that you want, and the time has to be set to ‘Lifetime’ so that you get all the data. Then you will need to wait a few moments so that the graphical report will get displayed.

Click Lifetime to get all the data.

When you see the report, you just need to check the above button. From there, you can easily click and download the data that you need on your device.

Download the data to your device.

Count in Excel

Once you see that the download is complete, you just need to open the file using Excel so that you can get the total download count over time. Once you open this document, you need to check the column that is above the numbers as well as the numbers from the left side at the start and the end of the row.

Place the sum function there, and then the data that you need will get calculated. Take a look at the image given here so that you get a better idea of this.

Use the Sum function to get the data.

Then click on the Column Name (Here B), after which you need to put in the Function inside the bracket and select the row from beginning to end to begin the count.

Then you need to tap the list that gets highlighted so that you can count app installs on Google Play. 


Above Count app Install on Google Play Guide covers the difference between the download count that is seen on the Play Store and the Play Console and the advantages you get with the latter. If you’ve been getting your information from the Play Store homepage, then you won’t get the exact data. But, if you have the app listed on the Console, you will get the exact number of installs for your app.

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