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President Trump signs the US-China trade deal halting December 15 tariffs



US-China trade deal signed

We have been talking about how the US-China trade war is going on from months and that the talks to conclude the trade war are also going on. However, no positive outcome was seen from the talks and that the outcome of a trade deal seemed to be bleak. But analysts also indicated that there is a possibility a new trade deal will be announced and that might happen at the ‘eleventh-hour’. Although this is not the eleventh hour or the last moment, we finally have a new trade deal signed by both the US and China.

Now that President Trump has signed this new trade deal, we will see that the tariffs that were supposed to come into effect from December 15 will be halted for the time being. This will also mean that there will be business as usual for now between the US and China and that this is just phase one of this deal. On the other hand, China will be relieved that they have reached a deal so that their products will not face tariffs from the US. One thing that is also being talked about is the ‘early Christmas present’ that is given by the US President Trump to Apple.

US-China trade deal signed

We say this because Apple was the company which would have been affected a lot if the 15% tariffs on products imported from China would have gone through. Basically, each and every Apple product including the iPhones, Macbooks and iPads would have become costlier. And this could have had implications on Apple’s business ahead of the holiday season. Bloomberg reports that President Trump signed this deal presented by his trade advisers after a “promise by the Chinese to buy more U.S. agricultural goods”. As per Bloomberg’s sources, an announcement officially confirming the trade deal will take place on Friday.

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