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6 Best Strategies to Promote Telegram Channel and Add More Members in 2021



Promote Telegram Channel

Promote Telegram Channel: If you handle many channels on Telegram, then you definitely wish for more members on it. The limit of adding members directly from your contact list on Telegram is restricted at 200 and it is always better to add more members through an invite link.

However, you cannot post ads about your channel on Telegram to promote it but you can do this on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. But, your channel needs to be appropriate for users and should not contain any spam. You can also reach out to other Telegram channels and pay to promote your channel in their inbox.

Apart from the above, there are actually some handy tricks you can use to promote your channel for more members.

Can you Post Ads of your Channels on Telegram?

Currently, Telegram has not introduced any such feature for posting ads regarding channel promotion. However, you can post the link of your channel on other channels for promotion.

This cross-promotion can increase the number of members and you can also pay the admin of those channels to ask their members to click on your channel.

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Best Methods to Promote Telegram Channel

There are several ways of increasing the number of members on your Telegram Channel.

Sharing Channel Invite Link on Social Media

There are several social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where you can simply share the link of your channel. This is one of the easiest ways to promote as you will be having a sizable number of followers and friends on social media platforms.

You can either post the link as your status on Facebook or put the link in your Instagram bio. In fact, you can post on any site where you have an account that is viewed by people. If you want to See Who Viewed your Telegram Profile, please click on the link available here.

Invite Contacts on Telegram Channel

You can also invite your friends on your contact list to your channel. After you add your contacts, you can open your Telegram Channel and tap on Add Members to select the contacts you wish to add to your channel.

However, in this method, you can only 200 people as Telegram does not allow adding more than that number from the contact list. This means, in this method, you can easily get 200 members on your channel.

Track Down the Websites that Promote Channels or Groups

Nowadays, there are several websites that help you in promoting a channel. You can find these website links by searching on Telegram groups. After you find the websites, you can pay or request the admin to promote and generate members for your channel.

You need to find other channels relevant to your own niche. This also means that you have to find a website that has a similar target audience as well. You just have to copy the link and ask the admin of the channel to add the link to their website.

Leave Your Channel Links on Comments

You will find a comment section on every platform, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can simply leave the link in these comments as there is no barrier in promoting your Telegram Channel.

However, try not to overdo this process as it may be considered as spam. This method is completely free and you can request the users to join your channel without any hassles.

Reach Popular Telegram Channels

As we mentioned above, you can reach out to several other Telegram Channels to promote your channel. You can approach other admins and the pricing of promotion will depend on factors like popularity, approach, and size of the advertisement.

Your channel advertisement stays for 24 hours after payment. Even a single promotion can effectively increase your members but ultimately it boils down to the content of your channel.

Create & Promote on YouTube Channel

YouTube has a huge user base and you can efficiently promote your Telegram Channel on your YouTube channel. You just have to create your own niche and let your audience join you on your Telegram Channel.

Even in your uploaded videos on YouTube, you can add the link to your Telegram channel and request your viewers to join. By adding the link in the description box, you will be gaining a large number of members.


Consistency is required to grow your Telegram Channel. Therefore, by following the above methods diligently, you can effectively promote your Telegram Channel & grow your business to become more popular. You can also gain some more knowledge on the issues like Know if Someone is Online on Telegram, Know if Someone Deleted Telegram Account or Blocked You from our site