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Steps to Find WiFi Password Using IP Address in the Mobile Devices



Find WiFi Password Mobile

Find WiFi Password Mobile: Have you forgotten your WiFi password to connect to a new device? Or do you wish to share your WiFi password with another person but cannot remember what it was? There is no need to panic here because there is a way to view saved WiFi passwords when it is on your Android or your iPhone.

The default setting of Android and iOS devices do not allow you to view passwords for your connected wireless networks or the wireless networks you have connected to in the past. You will have to resort to third-party solutions which work only via root or jailbreak.

The procedure is the same for both Android and iOS devices. Therefore, you can view your WiFi Password using your IP address by following a series of simple steps.

WiFi Password on Computer

If you wish to check out the WiFi Password through your computer, you just need to find the WiFi key using the command prompt on Windows OS. You can also see the saved password through the wireless setting on Ubuntu OS.

If you are using a desktop, you can view your saved password through Network and Sharing Center Settings on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Best Ways to Find WiFi Password Mobile

There are two ways to find your WiFi Password on either Android or iOS device. You can opt for a Password scanning QR code or the Router admin panel on your phone.

How to See Connected WiFi Password using IP Address?

By following a series of 4 steps, you can view your connected WiFi password on any mobile.

Step 1: Open your settings and find the connected WiFi page that displays the SSID. Besides the WiFi symbol, you will find the symbol “i” for additional information.

Wifi settings page

Step 2: After clicking on the “i” symbol, you can find the IPv4 address. Copy the address and paste it on your browser after replacing the last number with 1. For example, if the IPv4 address is, you need to replace the final 2 with 1 to make it and open this IP address from your browser.

click on i and check the details

Step 3: After opening the browser, log in to the router admin panel to open the page.

Step 4: After opening the page, you can view your WiFi password on the wireless basic settings page. You may view your password as “******”, so just right-click on the unhide box to view it.

This process is very simple and you do not need to root your device or use any third-party apps. However, this process won’t work if you are on a Guest network. You won’t be able to open the admin login panel; therefore, the second method will come in handy.

How to Find WiFi Passwords on Android Mobiles without Root

This process is only applicable to Android devices and it is useful if you don’t have access to your router panel. This process does not require any root but you need to download an app.

Step 1: Open the settings page on your Android device and go to WiFi settings. Click on the connected network.

enable the wifi and click on connected network

Step 2: Just like in the previous step, you will find a QR code besides the SSID. After clicking on the QR code, take a screenshot of it on your device.

take screenshot of the QR code

Step 3: Search “QR code reader” on the Play Store and install the app by TWmobile. After opening the app, add your QR code screenshot by clicking on the image icon. Click on “Allow” when the app asks for permission to get into your gallery.

Step 4: After adding the image, click on Start. The app will scan and convert your screenshot into text that will display your WiFi Password.

You can easily get your WiFi Password if your device is connected to a network. The process is really simple and anybody can easily do it within a few minutes.

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The Bottom Line

Now, you know how you can Find WiFi Password Mobile devices so start resolving it and continue with your tasks with the help of an internet connection. If you want to check these kinds of tech guides and fix all your issues with ease then visit our site

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