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How To Use WhatsApp on iPad in 2022? | Get WhatsApp on iPad for Free



How To Use Whatsapp on iPad Pro, Mini, Air

How to Use WhatsApp on the iPad: Carrying a laptop was too bulky, and the mobile screen was way too small for fun. This is where iPads gain popularity. These were mobile devices that gave us the feel of a small portable laptop due to their large screens and travel-friendliness. This again revolves around the same question of whether we can operate social media accounts on iPads or not.

So, in case you are wondering how to use WhatsApp on iPad, this is the best article you will come across. Read till the end to find out because we have segregated this into important topics and outlined the necessary information on each topic thoroughly. Once done, visit our WhatsApp Features, Calls, Status, DP Tips and Tricks too.

How To Get WhatsApp on iPad?

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging platform on the planet. So, if you want to run it on your iPad, you need to install it from the App Store. When you open the App Store and search for WhatsApp, you will find many clone options and applications that pretend to be the same but are not.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to use its web version on an iPad natively. You can clearly point this out by going to and clicking on Download. You will not get the option of an iPad there. Hence, you cannot download WhatsApp on the iPad through the default app or Web procedures. In the next section, we will discuss the solution to this.

How To Use WhatsApp on iPad with QR code?

As mentioned earlier, you cannot download WhatsApp on the iPad using the typical WhatsApp installation steps. Hence, in order to download WhatsApp on your iPad, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open your iPad’s web browser and type, tap on the share button in the top right corner, and then from the various sharing options, select the option for the desktop site.
  2. Next, you will see your iPad web browser screen being replaced by a computer WhatsApp Web screen that has all the default options of WhatsApp Web, including the QR code.
  3. Finally, take your mobile phone to scan this QR code and get yourself logged into the WhatsApp Web on your iPad.

Steps on How To Use WhatsApp on iPad Without Phone

Initially, during the log-in procedure, you will need to have a phone handy. Logging into WhatsApp on your iPad will either require you to scan a QR code or generate an OTP verification through SMS. Both these procedures will require an active phone in the first place. But once logged in, you will easily be able to use WhatsApp for up to 14 days, even if your phone has lost connection.

This is possible due to the new Beta version of WhatsApp. Beta is nothing but a multi-device tool that allows you to stay logged in even without your phone and also provides other unique features like an in-built camera and GPS. To activate Beta, simply go to the multi-device improvement from WhatsApp settings, followed by clicking on Join Beta and Continue.

Whatsapp join Beta

How To Use WhatsApp on iPad With Android phone?

Unfortunately, there is still no official WhatsApp Messenger app for iPads. So, we need to undergo a two-step process to connect to our WhatsApp messenger on the iPad along with our Android phone. As mentioned earlier, even WhatsApp Web in its default version is not available for download on iPads. So, first, we must enable WhatsApp Web on our device before proceeding with the next steps.

For this, first, go to your iPad settings and scroll down to reach the Safari browser menu. Once the Safari Browser menu opens, scroll down further and go to the Settings for Websites menu. Under this section, click on the arrow beside Request Desktop Website and turn the toggle button on for all websites. This will open all the websites that you browse in Safari in desktop mode by default.

Finally, open in desktop mode as mentioned in the first section of this article, and you will see a QR code on the screen. Take your Android phone, go to Link a Device under the three-dot menu, and scan this code to log into your WhatsApp account. Lastly, create a web shortcut for this WhatsApp website by first going to the share button on the top right followed by the option Add to the home screen. You will see the WhatsApp shortcut app on your home screen now.

Steps on How To Use WhatsApp on iPad without SIM

To be able to operate WhatsApp on your iPad without a SIM card, there are two options that you can follow. The first solution is to have a working telephone in your house. Install Messenger for WhatsApp from the App Store and provide the landline number during OTP verification. When the SMS for OTP has already been generated, wait for 60 secs to allow this to fail on its own, then click on Generate OTP via Call.

When the call comes on your landline, type the code on your iPad and log into your account successfully even without a SIM card. The second option is to use a third-party dedicated app called Text Plus to generate a fake number and operate your WhatsApp by verifying it. Follow our article link to get more information about this.

How To Use WhatsApp on iPad for Video Call?

The only disadvantage of using WhatsApp as a web app on the iPad is its notifications. Once you exit the browser for WhatsApp Web, you no longer get notified of any incoming calls or messages. Hence, to make or receive a WhatsApp video call on your iPad, you first need to install an application that pushes notifications for incoming calls and messages.

While searching for a suitable third-party WhatsApp app, you will find a variety of apps, some of which are even paid. The best free third-party app that you must download here for WhatsApp messaging and calling is Messenger for WhatsApp. Let’s see the steps to install it:

  1. Go to the App Store and search for Messenger for WhatsApp. Click on the “install” option to download it on your iPad.
  2. After completing the installation, launch the app. You may face some ads due to the app’s being a free version, but you can also choose to get the ad-free version if you are ready to pay the premium fee.
  3. Next, put in the phone number of your WhatsApp, verify it via SMS-generated OTP, and log into your account.
  4. Choose the contact you want to video call, open the chat screen and click on the video call button in the top right corner to initiate the call.

How To Use Someone’s Whatsapp on iPad With QR Code?

You may need to open somebody else’s WhatsApp on your device, like your partner’s, child’s, etc., to keep a check on their chat activity. If you wish to open and monitor somebody’s WhatsApp on your device, then you will need to follow the same web procedure as mentioned earlier and scan the QR code displayed with the Messenger scanner of the target person.

Additionally, if you want an alternative option to this because your Safari isn’t working, not push notifications, or any other issue, you must download a third-party dedicated application. The app we are talking about here is Dual Web. Dual Web is easily available on the App Store and is a highly efficient WhatsApp Web app that helps you connect to WhatsApp accounts by scanning QR codes. You also get features for login security, shortcut messaging, etc.

FAQs on How To Use WhatsApp on iPad in 2022

1. Can I use WhatsApp on my iPad? 
Yes, you can, but not through the official App store or WhatsApp Web application. You will need to operate WhatsApp Web through a desktop site or install a third-party efficient app called Messenger for WhatsApp to help you with the same.

2. How can I open WhatsApp on my iPad without a QR code? 
To achieve this without a QR code, you need to install third-party dedicated application software. Install Messenger for WhatsApp from the App Store, launch it, put in your number, verify using the OTP generated through your SMS, and you will be successfully logged into your WhatsApp.

3. How can I use WhatsApp on my iPad without a phone number? 
If you wish to do this without a phone number, go to your systems settings<Safari browse<rSettings for Websites<Request desktop site. Next, open in your browser and scan the QR code to log into your account.


So, if you are someone who possesses an iPad, we hope now you will be easily able to open and operate your WhatsApp from there. iOS comes up with regular updates to make its the system the most bug-free and fastest one, so make sure you keep your device and apps updated to the latest version. With this we wrap up today's article, make sure to stay connected to NewsOzzy.Com if you want to know about more such informative articles like Best WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks.

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