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How to Trace a Fake Twitter Account? | Identify & Suspend Fake Twitter Profiles



Can you trace a Fake Twitter Account

Can you trace a Fake Twitter Account: There are times when you wonder if a Twitter account is fake or real. This question can arise because of the strange activities of the Twitter user. If you want to know if a Twitter account is fake or not, you need to track the movement of the account.

When you follow the account’s activity, you will understand whether it is fake or real. Another way that you can check if a Twitter account is fake or real is by tracking the user’s IP address and location. You can track the IP address of the Twitter user through any IP address tracking tool.

Besides these two ways of checking if a Twitter user has a fake or real account, you can check the profile’s email address. When you look at the email address of the Twitter profile, you will get an idea if it’s a fake Twitter account or a real Twitter account.

In this article, you will learn about how you can trace a fake Twitter account. However, sometimes people have a private Twitter account where trying to know if it’s a fake account is problematic. When you want to identify if a Twitter account is fake, you need to check a few indicators.

You will find the information about the hands in this article about tracing a fake Twitter account. When you start following the steps to draft a fake Twitter profile, you will have to find information like the person’s IP address and location details. One of the easiest ways to check if a Twitter profile is fake or not is by using online tools.

How Do You Know if Someone has a Fake Twitter Profile?

If someone has a fake Twitter profile, you can easily spot it in a few days. It’s essential to know if a Twitter account is a factual account or a fake account. You need to know if the people you follow or follow have a real Twitter account. If people you follow or follow you have a fake account, you will learn some simple signs. Here are some of the ways that you can check if someone has a fake Twitter Profile or not:

Watch out for Duplicate Tweets

When you look at a person’s profile and notice many duplicate tweets, the account is fake. There can be times when the person’s posts have the same replies from one account on several bases. This means that the Twitter account is a fake one. However, this is not the most accurate way of knowing if a Twitter account is real or not.

Interaction with other Twitter Users

One of the ways you can check if a Twitter account is fake or real is through their interaction with other Twitter users. A regular and real Twitter account will have interaction with other Twitter users. However, suppose you check a person’s Twitter account, and they have no interaction with additional charges. In that case, that means that the account is a bot account. This is one of the simplest and fastest ways to know if a Twitter account is real or fake.

Non-Topic Tweets

A common trait of many of the fake Twitter accounts is that they all have non-topic tweets. These fake tweets make no sense at all because it is a bot-controlled accounts. If someone is posting tweets that make no sense or are gibberish, it is a high possibility it is a fake Twitter profile.

Direct Relation Between Twitter Profile and URL

If you have a Twitter account, you will know that your profile’s URL will directly relate to your Twitter profile. The URL for your profile will have the first and last name of your Twitter profile name. However, suppose the URL of a Twitter user doesn’t fit this description.

In that case, that means that the account is a fake Twitter profile. Some people have a set of random letters and numbers, which means the profile is fake. It is a bot Twitter account that you are following, or it is following you.

How You Can Track the IP Address of a Twitter Profile?

The IP address that is available on Twitter is used internally. However, specific tools can help you know which are genuine accounts and which are fake Twitter accounts. You can track the IP address of any of the Twitter accounts quickly and efficiently. Start monitoring the IP address of a person. You will get more information about the Twitter account than just its location. If you want to track someone’s IP address, you need to have an IP logger.

This is one of the most critical steps you need to follow to track someone’s IP address. You can start using Grabify URL Shortener or IP logger to track another person’s IP address. Here is a step by step process of how to trace a Twitter account:

  1. Start the process of tracing an IP address by using Grabify URL Logger. In the Grabify URL Logger website, you will have to shorten the URL for tracking.
  2. Copy and paste the URL of the profile whose IP address you want to trace. Paste the URL address in the input field and choose the Create URL option.
  3. After selecting the Create URL Option, you shorten the URL and get a tracking code. You can check the logs for the URL that you created on the website.
  4. Copy the URL that you have generated and go to your Twitter account. Send the URL to the person you think has a fake Twitter profile. Ask the user to click on the URL and then go back to the Grabify website.
  5. Here, you will get information about the person as soon as you click on the shortened URL. Grabify will give you information about the user’s IP address and details like the person’s device and browsing information.
  6. While you are on the Grabify website, go to the Tracking Code section and as soon as the option pops up, click on that option.
  7. As soon as you click on the Tracking Code, you will get all information and necessary information about the other person that you are tracking. You will get information like geo-location, device information, and browser.

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How Can You Report a Fake Twitter Account on Twitter?

If you come across anyone whose account is fake on Twitter, the best thing that you can do is report it. Here is a step-by-step on how you can write a fake Twitter account to Twitter.

  1. Open your Twitter app and add your login details. Then, go to the Twitter Report Page.
  2. As soon as you click on the Twitter Report Page, a few options will pop up. Under those options, you will see the ”An account is impersonating me or somebody else.”
  3. There’s another option that you can choose, which is ”An Account is pretending to be or represent a company, brand or organization.”
  4. As soon as you click on the option, you will get a form that will contain all the essential information that you need to fulfill while reporting an account
  5. You will have to fill out all of the details in the form to report the account, and then after you are done completing the report, you need to submit the form.


You will receive updates about the Twitter profile which you have reported on your registered email address. To unlock this option, you need to uncheck the message box next to “Updates about the Reported Twitter account. You have the option to report tweets or messages that you find offensive. Twitter has all the essential features to enhance your experience of using the application.

Can the Police Trace a Fake Twitter Profile?

The police can help in tracking the IP address of a fake Twitter profile. This happens in cases where there’s an involvement of abuse or illegal activity from the fake Twitter profile. This is one of the policies of Twitter to comply with law enforcement. Authorities. The process that the Police use is more legitimate and correct while dealing with fake Twitter profiles.

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