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How to See Last Seen on Whatsapp If Hidden Without Any App



How To Check Last Seen On WhatsApp

How To Check Last Seen On WhatsApp Online: WhatsApp is a free messenger tool that helps you interact with people worldwide from the comfort of your home. WhatsApp also shows you in-chat notifications when people come online, type a message, record a voice text, see your text and also show a last seen bubble at the time they are offline.

So, in this article, we will teach you how to check the last seen of a person on WhatsApp normally, if blocked or hidden, and also share some useful WhatsApp last seen hacks. So, stay tuned till the end, and make sure you visit our WhatsApp DP Images once before you leave.

How To Check Last Seen On WhatsApp on iPhone

Checking a person’s last seen from your WhatsApp iPhone is super simple. You just need to first open your WhatsApp application. Next, you need to go to the contact who’s last seen you want to check and then open the chat screen.

After opening, you will see the last seen of the person below his or her name with a format of last seen today at <time stamp>. To keep track of others’ last seen, you must refer to our Guide on 10 Best WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Online Free Apps for Android & iOS article.

iPhone last seen

If the person is not on your contacts, then first save his or her number to your mobile and then check for their last seen. Also, make sure that both of your last seen configurations must be either Everyone or My contacts. For other configurations like nobody or my contacts except, you will not be able to see each other’s last seen. For the My Contacts setting, both of your contacts must be saved on both of your phones.

How To See Last Seen On WhatsApp on Android

To check the last seen of any person from your WhatsApp Android, you will have to follow the same old steps of first opening your WhatsApp, going to the respective contact, and checking the last seen below the contact name. But, if your contacts are not saved, the last seen security is set as nobody or my contacts except, or if either of you guys has blocked the other, the last seen won’t be visible.

Last seen privacy settings Android

One another thing to note here is, that if you are using a WhatsApp API tool the WhatsApp last seen may not be visible in some cases. This is because the WhatsApp API is used to directly message a contact whose number isn’t saved, hence until the last seen privacy is set as Everyone, it will not be visible. If you are wondering about How To Check Last Seen On WhatsApp Business, then the method for it is also the same.

Simple Steps on How To Check Last Seen On WhatsApp if hidden

People hide their WhatsApp last seen due to privacy reasons. If you are still curious to check the last activity status of a particular person whose last seen is hidden you can’t do it through WhatsApp. WhatsApp doesn’t provide you with any dedicated in-built feature to do that. But yes, you can do this by using third-party WhatsApp last seen tracker applications.

Must Read: Tips on How to Hide Last Seen on WhatsApp 

You will get many WhatsApp last seen tracker mod apps when you open your Google Play store but all doesn’t work. The WhatsApp last seen tracker that is the best and works for both Android and iPhone users is WhatsDoc Online v2.2. This is a free trial AI-based tool that shows you the last reports of contacts added by you even if their last seen is hidden.


This app works by triggering an alert whenever the contact is online on WhatsApp and again triggering an alert when he/ she is offline every single time. This will help you check the time when the contact is offline and hence note the last seen. For detailed steps follow How to see last seen on WhatsApp if hidden?.

How To Check Last Seen On WhatsApp if blocked

When a contact blocks you, you won’t be able to see his/her displayed picture and last seen by default. Hence, in such a case, to check for this person’s last seen, one thing you can do is ask any of your mutual friends to check it and let you know. If that too doesn’t work then there is no other option than to depend on a third-party app to do this.

Yansa last seen tracker

To check the last seen of a contact that has blocked you on WhatsApp, go to your Google Play Store and install Yansa- Tracker for WhatsApp. This app not only allows you to check for the person’s last seen but also provides you a report including the time duration for which your contact was online throughout the entire day. For detailed steps, follow the article mentioned in the previous heading.

How To Check Last Seen On WhatsApp without going online

If you want to check a person’s last seen or activity status without coming online, then you can either send the contact to another friend of yours and ask them to check, if the person has set his/ her last seen privacy to Everyone. You can use third-party last-seen monitoring apps too for the same.

Another way is to keep your last seen turned off and bypass check the other person’s last seen. For this, open your WhatsApp, check the person’s last seen, and immediately go to your settings privacy. From privacy, turn the last seen security to Nobody and log out from your WhatsApp immediately. By this, you can check the last seen and also not show that you came online.

A-Pro tip here is to first turn your Read receipts off so that if the person has sent you any message it won’t get the blue ticks when you open the chat to check for the last seen. For the next time, again turn your last seen on as my contacts, check the last seen, and immediately again turn your last seen off and log out. Be real quick here.

Last seen on WhatsApp not showing

If you open your WhatsApp and suddenly see that a person’s last seen is not visible, then it can be probably for a few reasons. Let’s see what the scenarios could be:

  • The person has blocked you over WhatsApp, which is why you are unable to see his last seen, displayed picture, or about. The case can also be a vice versa.
  • You have your last seen status set as nobody which is why others are unable to see your last seen status and you are unable to see there’s too. Vice versa can be the reason too.
  • WhatsApp, after its new update, has come with my contacts except for features for last seen just like WhatsApp status. So, it may happen that the other person has selected his contacts except you to make his last seen visible. Both the cases can be vice versa too.
  • You have a poor Internet connection because of which the other person’s last seen is not visible.
  • The person has not saved your contact to their phone and their last seen configuration is my contacts. This can be vice versa too.
  • The other person is using a third-party WhatsApp modified app that is hiding or freezing their last seen even though they are coming online. Also, if you want to intentionally freeze your last seen, check out Best Methods to Freeze Last Seen on WhatsApp in 2022.

Will someone know if I check their last seen on WhatsApp?

Well, here comes good news for all those people who track others’ last seen normally or through any third-party apps in case they are hidden or blocked. No one as of yet can know if someone is checking their last seen or not. Neither WhatsApp itself nor any third-party app has been created that provides you a feature to check who is trying to monitor your last seen.

The only WhatsApp last seen hacking trick that you can use is downloading third-party apps that will provide you plenty of features to track a last seen but none to check who is tracking.

FAQs on How To Check Last Seen On WhatsApp? Latest trick 2022

1. How do you see last seen on WhatsApp even if it is hidden?

WhatsApp doesn’t provide you with any dedicated feature to do this. Try downloading a third-party modified WhatsApp application that allows you for the same. You can download applications like WhatsDoc and Yansa, that work for both  Android and iOS users.

2. Why can’t I see when someone was last active on WhatsApp?

The reason why you are not being able to see when someone is last active on WhatsApp could be because you are having a poor internet connection or the other person has blocked you. The other reasons could be both of your last seen are hidden by either nobody or my contacts except, or may simply be because either or both of you guys have not saved each other’s contacts.

3. Can we know who is checking your last seen on WhatsApp?

No, as per the latest study, WhatsApp or any other third-party app doesn’t provide you with any feature to see or know about who is checking your last seen.


Well, that was everything you needed to know about WhatsApp last seen checking. Make sure, you check whether the basic configurations are okay or not in case you face some queries with system apps. If all the settings and permissions are okay but still you are facing last seen issues, then we have articles like 8 Best Whatsapp Online Tracker Apps that would help you fix the same.

With this, we are yet to finish this article. Make sure to read our other articles on whatsapp and features from Whatsapp Features Calls Status DP Tips Tricks main guide or from our official website NewsOzzy.Com.

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