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Ways on How to Record Whatsapp Video Call with Audio? | Tricks to Record Whatsapp Video Calls



How to Record Whatsapp Video Call with Audio

Not only for testing but also for phone and video calling, WhatsApp Messenger is among the most popular applications. The platform is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for all of your requirements. WhatsApp supports all of these functions, including sending messages, calling, and video chatting with your friends.

However, recording video calls is not permitted. But don’t panic, there are a variety of workarounds and third-party programs available to help you out. We’ll show you how to record WhatsApp audio and video calls on Android devices in this article. Let’s get started right now so we don’t waste any more time.

In 2022, will WhatsApp video calls be able to be recorded?

Yes, In the year 2022, any Android phone will be capable of recording WhatsApp video calls. Whatever this ‘Yes’ does not indicate, however, are some of the difficulties you may face if you do this.

A screen recorder software is your only option for recording a WhatsApp video call. A native screen recorder app is included with several manufacturers’ phones. If you have one of these devices, you may effortlessly record your WhatsApp video call by activating the screen recorder.

If your phone runs vanilla Android, you may rest assured that a screen recorder app is not included. Third-party screen recording software such as MNML screen recorder or AZ Screen recorder will need to be downloaded and installed on such devices. All of this to say, you will almost probably run into one of these three scenarios, regardless of whether you use a native app or a third-party program.

  • The call will be recorded properly, and both parties will be able to hear each other well.
  • The call will be recorded, but you’ll only be able to hear yourself and not the other party’s voice.
  • With no sound from either party, the call will be recorded.

According to our study, the second situation is the most common problem that users have when recording WhatsApp calls, and there is currently no clear solution. We tried recording WhatsApp video calls on three different devices one with Xiaomi’s MIUI, another with Realme’s RealmeUI, and a third with stock Android. Only one device, an MIUI device, was able to record the call with both parties’ voices audible. No matter what app we tried on the phone running plain Android, we couldn’t obtain any sound.

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How to Record Video Calls on WhatsApp on Android?

Although there is no official tool on your Android smartphone to record WhatsApp video calls, there is always a workaround. You may use the screen recorder software on your Android smartphone to capture a WhatsApp video call. Although there is a slew of apps on Google Play that allows you to record WhatsApp video calls.

The AZ screen recorder app is a good example of this. WhatsApp video calls with audio can be recorded with this app. You can do so in the following way:

  • In the Google Play Store, look for AZ Screen Recorder. Install the application on your smartphone.
  • Your notification panel will be populated with a pop-up widget once you open the app. Please make sure that you turn on ‘Enable audio recording’ first before you can record an audio call.
  • Once the WhatsApp app has been launched, you need to dial the number of the person you want to record the call.

As soon as your call begins, tap on the record button in the AZ Screen Recorder widget. When you’re done recording, stop the video, and your WhatsApp video call will be saved.

MIUI allows you to Record WhatsApp Calls

The screen recording app on Xiaomi handsets running MIUI is quite good. From the drop-down menu, you can go to it. However, before you use it to record WhatsApp video chats, you need to double-check a few things to ensure that you can hear both parties’ voices in the finished recording.

  • To go to the fast settings menu, scroll down at the top of the screen.
  • To open the app, hold down the long press on the screen recorder. (Swipe left or right if you don’t see the app here.)
  • To get to the Settings page, tap the symbol in the top right corner.
  • Make sure you’ve selected Mic instead than System sounds under the Sound source option.
  • Swipe down to start the screen recorder before making the call.
  • Make a regular video call on WhatsApp.
  • At any time during the call, use the on-screen toggle to stop the recording (or after).
  • In the Gallery, you’ll find the video call that was recorded.

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FAQs on How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls Easily on Android and iOS

1. Is it possible to capture a WhatsApp video call with includes audio?

You can simply utilize the screen recorder software on your Android smartphone to capture a WhatsApp video call. Although there is a slew of apps on the Google Play Store that enable you to record WhatsApp video calls.

2. What’s the best way to record a video call on WhatsApp?

Launch the DU Recorder software after downloading and installing it. Give the program the necessary rights, such as Microphone, File Manager, and so on, after it has been launched. The pop-up screen of DU Recorder will then provide you with options for recording the screen. Record your WhatsApp video calls by selecting the recording option.

3. Is it possible to record a live video call on WhatsApp?

Simply accept the app after installing the DU screen recorder on your phone. Then, when you’re on the phone with someone else, record your screen using the DU screen recorder, and that’s it. You may easily record a WhatsApp video call using this method.

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