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How To Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone in 2022? | Two WhatsApp Accounts



How To Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone

Dual WhatsApp Accounts: Almost all social media platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram, etc., come with a switch account feature that allows us to open multiple accounts of a particular app on one device. Unfortunately, WhatsApp has not reached that advanced level to add Switching Accounts as one of its default features.

But don’t worry, there is a way to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. If you are wondering how to use two WhatsApp accounts on one phone, you have come to the right place. This article will cover all the topics related to WhatsApp Dual Apps. Before leaving, make sure you visit our WhatsApp Features, Calls, Status, DP Tips, and Tricks if you haven’t yet.

How To Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone With Same Number?

Well, unfortunately, you cannot open a second account on WhatsApp with the same number as your previous or existing one. According to WhatsApp’s policies, no two accounts can have the same phone number. Hence, both for Android and iPhone users, multiple WhatsApp accounts with the same number are not possible.

If you try doing so or depend upon any third-party APK like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp+, etc. to help you with that, then the app itself will ask you to log out from the previous one if you wish to open a new one.

How To Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone With Different Numbers?

People now have multiple accounts with different numbers, segregating them by their personal, professional, and other respective purposes. In such a case, carrying one single compact device that helps in accessing all the accounts is much more convenient than handling multiple devices for multiple accounts at a time.

Also, if you want to keep a check on your partner, children, or other members of the family, you can do so by opening their accounts as an extra dual app and monitoring them from your phone. So, if you are wondering how to use 2 WhatsApp on a dual sim phone, then, on one hand, some devices provide you with a default Dual Apps feature built-in on your system to make a clone of any app. whereas, for others, you need to download third-party clone app generators.

How To Use Two WhatsApp in One Android Phone?

Android has an amazingly user-friendly platform when it comes to applications. Fortunately, if you are an Android user, you will find a built-in multi-device feature called Dual Apps. Dual Apps is an in-built application available on most Android devices that works by creating a clone app of the apps you select.

You can log into a different account in these clone apps while keeping your original account active. Let’s see the steps to check whether your Android device has Dual Apps or not and how to configure it:

  • First, start by reaching out to your System Settings and then scroll down to click on the Apps section.

click on apps option

  • When the Apps menu opens, you will find an option that says Dual Apps, click on that.

Dual apps option in settings

  • Next, click on WhatsApp from the list of devices shown below to create a clone for that. If you have any issue with your keypad, then you can use the microphone as well.

Select WhatsApp for dual app

  • Tap on the toggle switch button on for clone creation and you will get an alert immediately.

Whatsapp dual app

  • Finally, when your clone app is ready, you will be able to easily spot it beside your original WhatsApp on the home screen. Open the clone WhatsApp, put in your other number for OTP verification, and get logged in smoothly.

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How To Use Two WhatsApp in One iPhone?

When it comes to the iPhone, the iOS platform doesn’t really provide any in-built Dual Apps applications to make cloned apps like Android. But, you can easily do this by installing a simple app called Dual Space from your App Store. Dual Space is an extremely user-friendly application compatible with all iOS versions above 1.0.5 and has a rating of four stars. Let’s see the steps now:

  • Open App Store from your iPhone and install Dual Space by clicking on the Get button.

Dual space install

  • Next, turn on the toggle for free trial initially, and then you can also purchase the app for only INR 269/week to get more features.

Dual Space free trial

  • Next, you will find the dashboard of Dual Space opening from where you need to click on the App list.

Dual Space App list

  • Finally, click on WhatsApp when the app menu opens and select Mobile data or Wi Fi to install it’s clone.

Dual Space WhatsApp

Best App for Dual WhatsApp

If your device doesn’t come with any built-in dual app cloner, then you can install third-party dedicated apps for the same. Here are some amazing cloner apps for WhatsApp that work amazingly both for Android as well as iOS devices:

Parallel Space- 

Parallel Space is the most popular app cloning software when it comes to handling multiple apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Candy Crush, etc. on a single device. This is free and is a very simple and space-efficient application that consumes only 2MB to run various applications inside it and also doesn’t require root privileges to run. Install Parallel Space from your App Store or Play Store and follow the steps:

  •  Open Parallel Space, provide storage, photo library, contacts, camera, microphone, location and file directory permissions, and click on Start.

Parallel space

  • Double tap on WhatsApp to create its clone and wait for the installation.
  • Next, click on Agree & Continue, add your alternative number, verify the OTP and log into your parallel WhatsApp.

If you want to cut on the storage even more, then you can go with the lite version of Parallel Space as well.

Dual Web-

Dual Web is another very popular Dual WhatsApp application that helps you operate Dual WhatsApp on only a single device. The app is free and has a superbly convenient user interface. The dashboard is flooded with amazing and simple features like shortcut direct messaging, QR code scanning, login protection, etc. Search for Dual Web on your App Store or iTunes and then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open Dual Web on your iPhone or iPad and make sure to give the necessary, permissions: photo library, contacts, storage, file directory, camera, microphone, SMS and location.
  2. Tick the toggle switch against WhatsApp on to initiate the WhatsApp Cloning process.
  3. After clone download, tap on Agree & continue, do the phone number verification and enjoy operating your parallel WhatsApp Account.

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How To Know if Someone Is Using 2 WhatsApp in Same Phone?

Clearly, you will not be able to detect this if your contact is using a third-party software to run two WhatsApps on the same phone. However, if the contact uses the in-built Dual Apps feature of his device to create a clone, then you will see both of his accounts online at the same time, by which you can detect him having two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone.

If the alternate number of the person is saved in your contacts, then you can easily spot him from there and check whether the option says WhatsApp invite or active. Another way is by calling on both his numbers simultaneously or adding both his numbers on a group video call. In this situation, he has to choose one account to answer the calls from, not both.

FAQs on How To Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone

1. Can we have two WhatsApp accounts on one phone?

Since WhatsApp doesn’t provide us with any default feature to switch accounts, we can use Dual WhatsApp apps to open multiple accounts separately on the same device. Go to your system settingsAppsDual AppsWhatsAppclick on Agree & Continue and log in with your phone number.

2. How do I install two WhatsApp on a single phone?

To install two WhatsApp on one mobile, the first option is to use your phone’s in-built dual apps feature by going to system settingsAppsDual AppsWhatever. If not available, install dedicated apps like Parallel Space, Dual Web, etc. from your Google Play Store or App Store.

3. How do I use another WhatsApp account on my phone?

To use another WhatsApp account in your phone either use the in-built Dual Apps feature or install third party apps like Parallel Space and Dual Space. You can also use multiple accounts on a single phone by installing WhatsApp Web Scan apps.

Wrapping things up, you can operate multiple WhatsApp accounts through clone apps for WhatsApp. If your built-in system settings don’t provide you with any such feature download the apps mentioned in this article and follow all the necessary steps to the proper configuration. Be careful to use only authenticated dual apps to keep the end to end encryption of your chats intact. For more informative articles like WhatsApp Features Calls Status DP Tips Tricks make sure to stay updated with NewsOzzy.Com.

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