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How To Use WhatsApp Web On Phone 2022? | Access WhatsApp Web on Android/iPhone



how to use whatsapp web on phone

How To Use WhatsApp Web On Phone 2022: Not being able to carry your laptop everywhere is totally understandable because it consumes so much space and can be heavy for a single person to travel with too. So, is there any option to open WhatsApp Web on your phone to keep you free from carrying your computer everywhere?

Well yes. When default features don’t help you, software apps always come in handy. In this article we will share all the information regarding operating your WhatsApp Web from a mobile phone, so make sure to read till the end. Also, make sure you take a glance at our WhatsApp Features Calls Status DP Tips Tricks article as well before logging off.

Can You Use WhatsApp Web on Phone?

The official way of operating WhatsApp Web from your computer is to first go to the official Chrome extension on the web browser and then link your account with it by scanning the QR code generated. But if you visit places where carrying a laptop can be tedious, you may wonder how to use WhatsApp Web on a phone browser and whether it will be possible to run WhatsApp Web on mobile chrome.

Well, unfortunately, WhatsApp Web is only compatible with PC devices and not on mobile devices. So, operating WhatsApp Web on your mobile devices through the official Chrome extension for won’t be possible.

But now, you can rely on dedicated WhatsApp Web applications to help you do the same. Operating WhatsApp Web can also be impossible if you have certain issues with your scanner or are facing hardware problems like a dirty or broken camera, etc. So, in such cases too, the best solution will be a WhatsApp Web app that can be easily logged in on your phone.

This also brings you to the point of third-party QR code generators. We also have a separate article on this called the WhatsApp Web QR Code Generator. So let’s see what these apps are that help us use WhatsApp web on our mobiles and further information related to them.

Tips on How To Use WhatsApp Web on Another Phone

We know that carrying a second phone is way easier than carrying a whole big laptop everywhere. However, WhatsApp Web is the only way to open the same WhatsApp on the second phone without logging out of the first.

We cannot do this from the WhatsApp Messenger app because, by default, no two applications can run on the same WhatsApp account. This solution also comes in handy when you want to open somebody else’s WhatsApp on your phone and monitor their online activities.

So, as mentioned earlier, with the help of third-party dedicated applications, you can easily achieve the feel of WhatsApp Web on your phone. These apps basically work by creating a platform for your phone to open WhatsApp web-linked accounts and have all the necessary tools that are required to scan various QR codes and link various WhatsApp accounts.

You can also easily switch from one account to the other by clicking on the Switch Accounts feature just like on your Facebook Messenger, a feature that was never available on the WhatsApp Messenger app.

How To Use WhatsApp Web on Android Phone?

If you are an Android user, try installing the applications mentioned below from your Google Play Store to enjoy WhatsApp Web on your phone:

  • Whats Web Scan for Android- 

    The Whats Web scan app is reliable and allows us to scan QR codes to log into multiple WhatsApp Web accounts on one mobile device. Install Whats Web Scan directly from your Google Play Store, select the QR option, and scan the code displayed, using the WhatsApp scanner of the target phone.

Whatsweb scan

  • Whatscan-

    Whatscan is yet another popular WhatsApp web generator software that works smoothly for both Android and iPhone devices. This software consumes negligible space and also provides QR code display and scanning to log into accounts. Install Whatscan directly from your Google Play Store, App Store, or iTunes and do the rest of the necessary configurations.


How to use WhatsApp Web on iPhone?

If you are an iOS user, then you may feel a little skeptical here, because iOS generally doesn’t allow installing third-party apps without verifying their authenticity. But, don’t worry, the apps mentioned below are authentic, easily available on the App Store or iTunes, and require no rooting.

  • Dual Web for iOS-

    Dual Web is one of the most popular WhatsApp Web applications in which you can easily operate multiple WhatsApp Web accounts from your mobile phone. This is a free app with a simple user interface. The dashboard has many unique features like shortcut QR code scanning, direct messaging, login protection, etc.

Dual chat whatsapp web

  • Chat Web Scanner for WA for iOS-

    Chat Web Scanner is basically a multi-tasker tool for all iOS users. This software not only allows you to scan WhatsApp Web QR codes but also provides login security and status saving. Chat Web Scanner is popular for its highly convenient UI and variety of customizations. Download Chat Web Scanner for WA from your App Store to get the lovely experience for yourself!

Chat web scanner

Tips on How To Use WhatsApp Web on Phone Call

The older version of WhatsApp Web was typically dependent on the mobile device. Hence, it used to get disconnected every now and then due to any network, call, or software breach whatsoever. Users were furious about this worldwide and were lodging repetitive complaints. To address the issue, WhatsApp came up with its new power tool beta version.

The WhatsApp Beta is basically a multi-device feature that connects WhatsApp with multiple secondary companion devices even if your mobile is kept disconnected all the time. You get options for linking up your WhatsApp on various websites and devices and also get end-to-end encryption, keeping your information private at both ends.

Another amazing feature that you are provided here is that you can keep your account linked for up to 14 days even if your mobile lacks an active internet connection, after which it gets automatically disconnected. Hence, if you are wondering how to use WhatsApp Web without a phone, then Beta is your best friend. To activate the beta version of WhatsApp:

  • First click on the linked devices, then click Multi-device Beta while you are trying to connect the second device.
  • Next, click the button Ok for the Try New Improvements pop up.

Whatsapp try new improvements

  • Lastly, you need to click on Join Beta and select the Continue button.

Whatsapp join Beta

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FAQs on How To Use WhatsApp Web On Phone 2022

1. Can I use WhatsApp Web on Mobile?
Surely, but not from the regular chrome version. To use WhatsApp Web you need to install third-party applications for the same. As elaborated in WhatsApp Web on mobile download apps like Dual Web, Whats Web, Whatscan, etc. from your Google Play Store or App Store for the same.

2. How do I activate WhatsApp Web on my phone?
To activate WhatsApp Web on your mobile, you cannot use the default Chrome browser version. Try downloading What’s Web from the Google Play Store and following the rest of the steps: Scan the code displayed by your target phone with Whats Web QR Code.

3. How can I use WhatsApp Web on Android?
To use WhatsApp Web on Android, first install Whatscan from the Google Play Store. Launch the app after selecting a location from the File directory. Set the required permissions, go to the QR code generator, and scan this by going to link a device.

4. How to Login to WhatsApp Web without a Phone?
An active mobile phone is required during the first-time log-in process because it will take either OTP verification or QR code scanning. Both won’t happen without the phone. But once logged in, you will be able to operate WhatsApp Web even without your mobile, owing to the new Beta update of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web is an amazing alternative to operating WhatsApp on a secondary device along with keeping our mobile available for other activities. And if you can operate this WhatsApp Web from the comfort of your mobile without the need to carry your laptop everywhere, then it’s a cherry on the cake. Hope you liked this article. We have other amazing articles like Best WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks so make sure to stay tuned to

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