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How To Use Dual WhatsApp for Android & iPhone in 2022?



How To Use Dual WhatsApp for Android & iPhone

How to Use Dual WhatsApp for Android & iPhone in 2022: All of us now feel comfortable segregating our personal and professional lives. In such situations, using two different WhatsApps becomes necessary. But like other social media applications, WhatsApp doesn’t provide us with the option to switch accounts. So can we handle two WhatsApp if we have only one mobile?

Well, yes, that is where Dual Apps come into play. Let’s understand how you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same single phone. Keep reading to find out, and make sure you visit our Best WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks article for more tricks.

How To Use Dual WhatsApp in One Phone?

Yes, you heard that right. You can use dual WhatsApp on one phone without any hassle. Some devices provide you with the in-built feature of dual apps from the system settings themselves, where you simply make a clone of your favorite app and then open a second account in it.

Alternatively, you can also download third-party parallel applications that let you create app clones to handle multiple accounts. You can operate both apps in parallel without any hindrance. We shall talk about this in more detail in the later segments of this article.

How To Use 2 Whatsapp in One Phone With Different Numbers?

In today’s world, we need to handle a lot of accounts from various social media sites. So, in such a case, maintaining two WhatsApp accounts becomes necessary too. WhatsApp doesn’t allow us to open two different WhatsApp accounts on the same number, so we need to have two working numbers in order to operate two WhatsApp accounts on them. Hence, carrying one compact device that allows you to access all the accounts is more convenient than managing multiple devices for multiple accounts all the time.

There can also be situations where you would need to monitor the activities of your partner, children, or other family members and check their online activities on WhatsApp. This can be done by accessing their accounts as a clone dual app and monitoring them from your phone. For this, you can either use the default Dual Apps option built into your system or download a third-party clone app generator. Both of these will help you to create clone apps for WhatsApp, open different accounts for the two and handle them parallelly.

Tips on How To Use 2 WhatsApp in Dual Sim Phone

Due to the rising popularity of dual-sim phones, we all have two numbers installed in the headsets that we use alternatively. In such a scenario, having two different WhatsApp accounts on the two numbers is also very common. The best part about dual-sim phones is that if you create Dual Apps to handle two separate WhatsApp, then you can get the OTP for verification of the two SIMs on the same phone only.

How To Use Two WhatsApp in One Android Phone?

Android, as we all know, is super user-friendly and has a variety of features to choose from when it comes to applications. Fortunately, we also get a built-in multi-device feature for handling multiple accounts on the same device, known as Dual Apps. Dual Apps is nothing but a system-provided default application, present on most Android devices to create clones of the apps you select.

You can also sign into a different account on these clones and use them concurrently while the previous one is open on your original app. Let’s first see the steps to check if Dual Apps are present as in-built on your Android mobile or not and how to configure them:

  • Firstly, go to your System Settings, scroll down and click on the Apps section.
  • After the Apps menu opens, you will see an option saying Dual Apps, click on the arrow against it.

Dual apps option in settings

  • Next, when the list of apps opens below, click on WhatsApp from the list to create a clone of it. If you do not feel like typing, you can also use the microphone key.

Select WhatsApp for dual app

  • Click on the toggle switch button on to create the WhatsApp clone and you will get an alert for that immediately.

Whatsapp dual app

  • Lastly, when your WhatsApp clone is ready, it will be clearly visible on the home screen next to your original WhatsApp. Open this clone WhatsApp, put in the correct phone number credential for OTP verification, and finally get logged in smoothly.

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Parallel Space- 

If your Android version doesn’t have Dual Apps by default, then you will have to install a third-party clone app generator to handle two WhatsApp accounts. Parallel Space is the best app that fits here. It is one of the most popular app cloners to handle multiple apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Temple Run, Snapchat, etc. on one device. Parallel Space is free, space-efficient, consuming only 2MB, and has a very simple user interface that doesn’t require root privileges to run. Install Parallel Space from your Google Play Store and follow the steps below:

  • Launch Parallel Space, provide the necessary permissions: storage, photo library, microphone, location, contacts, camera, and file directory permissions, and then click on Start.

Parallel space

  1. Next, double-click on the WhatsApp icon from the dashboard to create its clone and complete the installation.
  2. Finally, click on Agree & Continue, put in your alternative number, verify the OTP sent on your SMS, and log into the parallel WhatsApp account. You can also download the lite version of Parallel Space to save more space.

How To Use Dual Whatsapp in iPhone?

iPhone users might feel a little unlucky here because the iOS platform will not provide us with any in-built Dual Apps applications to make a clone of the WhatsApp app like Android. But not to worry, because you can easily do so by installing any of the two simple applications called Dual Web or Dual Space from your App Store.

Dual Web for iOS-

Dual Web is one of the most famous Dual WhatsApp applications in which you can operate two WhatsApp on only a single device.  The application is free and has a simple user interface. The dashboard has unique features like shortcut direct messaging, login protection, QR code scanning, etc. Install Dual Web from your App Store or iTunes and follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Dual Web on your iPhone or iPad and provide access to the necessary permissions set: photo library, contacts, microphone, SMS, storage, file directory, camera, and location.
  2. Next, turn the toggle switch against WhatsApp on to start the WhatsApp cloning process.
  3. Once the WhatsApp clone is downloaded, click on Agree & Continue, put in the alternative phone number for verification, and enjoy your new parallel WhatsApp account.

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Dual Space for iOS-

Dual Space is yet another extremely user-friendly clone generator software that is compatible with all iOS versions above 1.0.5. It has a rating of four stars and is extremely storage efficient. Let’s see the steps now:

  • Go to the App Store or iTunes on your iPhone, search for Dual Space and install it.

Dual space install

  • Next, turn on Enable the free trial initially to start the process, later on you can also purchase it for only INR 269/week for better features.
  • Next, from the dashboard of Dual Space click on the App list menu.

Dual Space App list

  • Finally, click on WhatsApp from the list of apps and select Mobile data or Wi Fi to install the clone version of it.

Dual Space WhatsApp

FAQs on How To Use Dual WhatsApp for Android & iPhone in 2022

1. Can we use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone?
Yes, you can operate two WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile. For that, first, check whether your system has an in-built feature for Dual Apps by going to your system settings. If not, install third-party WhatsApp clone applications like Dual Space, Parallel Space, etc., create a WhatsApp clone, and operate your second account from it.

2. How can I use WhatsApp in dual mode?
To use WhatsApp in dual mode, first, check if the Dual Apps option is present in the system settings. If not, download Parallel Space from the Google Play or App Store, launch it, and enable the free trial app list WhatsApp as detailed in How do I use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone?.


So, now we hope that you will be easily able to operate multiple WhatsApp accounts from different numbers on a single mobile. Follow all the steps mentioned in this article, thoroughly and all your doubts will be cleared. With this we wind up the topic of the day here, make sure to visit our official website NewsOzzy.Com regularly for more fun article like WhatsApp Features Calls Status DP Tips Tricks.

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