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WhatsApp Web Video Call | How To Make Voice And Video Calls On WhatsApp Web?



How To Make Whatsapp Web Video Call

WhatsApp Web Video Call: Users have extensively started using WhatsApp Web to operate WhatsApp Messenger on their laptops or any other secondary platforms. Here, we all might have a question in mind: Does WhatsApp Web provide all the features that WhatsApp Messenger on your mobile does or not?

Well, just imagine how awesome it would be if you could do group video calls with your friends on a bigger screen like your PC! But, does WhatsApp Web allow you to do that? In this article, we are going to learn how to make a WhatsApp Web Video Call and other important facts related to it.

What is WhatsApp Web Call?

WhatsApp Web is an amazing feature that allows you to operate your WhatsApp Messenger on your PC. But does WhatsApp Web allow you to make calls, which is a primary feature of WhatsApp Messenger? Well, WhatsApp Web doesn’t provide you with any default feature to perform the same. But, you can definitely avail of WhatsApp Web audio and video calling through other dedicated software apps. Keep reading to find out what these are and how we can implement them into our WhatsApp Web.

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WhatsApp Web Video Call on PC Windows 7

People these days are comfortable with using PCs more than phones due to their large screens and phone independence features. So, they prefer making WhatsApp video calls on their computers to interact with their friends and family as well. You can view all your members clearly and converse with them, but also keep your phone handy to attend to important calls.

Before you begin, if you are unsure how to open WhatsApp on your PC, please refer to our WhatsApp Download for PC article for assistance. You can start a WhatsApp video call either through the third party software WhatsApp Desktop or from WhatsApp Web directly as well. We will read about these in detail in the next section.

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Steps To Make WhatsApp Web Video Call On Laptop

  • Step 1: First, you need to install a third-party application called WhatsApp Desktop. To do this, go to the Microsoft Store if you are an Android user and the App Store if you are a Mac user.

  • Step 2: Then click on Get and Download for MAC and iOS, respectively, after searching for WhatsApp Desktop.
  • Step 3: You can also go to, click on download, and then select the device you are working with.
  • Step 4: Next, messenger rooms come into play, which has been mentioned in more detail in the following section. Make sure you have an active Facebook Messenger account to continue with this.

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What if WhatsApp Web Video Call Icon is Not Showing?

The WhatsApp Video Call button won’t be available on your laptop’s WhatsApp Web like on your phone. To ensure video calls on WhatsApp Web, first, you need to install WhatsApp Desktop or go to Once that’s done, perform WhatsApp Web Video calls by using the popular new feature Messenger rooms. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Once the entire installation for WhatsApp Desktop is done, you are going to see a QR code on the computer screen. You need to first scan this code and get yourself logged in just a minute as mentioned in WhatsApp Web Login.
  • Next, to start a video call, first go to the contacts section of your WhatsApp Desktop and proceed by clicking on the three perpendicular dot settings button on the top. You will see a drop-down menu open, from which you have to choose the “Create a room” option.

Whatsapp create a room

  • After this, you will find a pop-up window opening where you will need to select “Continue in Messenger.” A quick disclaimer: in order to use this feature, you must have the Facebook Messenger app open.

Whatsapp create room continue in messenger

  • Next, you are going to see the DP of the person you wish to video call, below which you have to click on the Create Room as  <Your first name> option.

Whatsapp create room as

  • At this point, you will find a video chat screen opening along with a WhatsApp group video call link. You can continue with your call if you want to converse with a single person or copy this link and share it with others to join the call and enjoy a group chat.

To make video calls on the browser Messenger Room feature will work for you too. To begin with, go to the link Scan the QR code and rest, follow the exact same steps mentioned above.

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WhatsApp Desktop Video Call Not Working

Some users have complained about the video call feature in WhatsApp Desktop not working, or not having an active Facebook Messenger account. For them, the easiest way to proceed with WhatsApp calls from a laptop is to use WhatsApp Web Video Call Download. Let’s see what the steps are to continue with the same:

  1. To begin, open your computer’s web browser and navigate to
  2. Once you see the official WhatsApp page opening on your computer screen, click on the Download button from the options given on the top bar.
  3. Next, a page will open with multiple configuration settings. Go to the left-hand of the page and select whether your mobile device is an Android or an iPhone.
  4. Next, hover on to the right hand of the page and click on Download for Windows or MacOS to get it installed on your computer.
  5. Once the installation is done, you will find a QR code on the computer screen. Go to Linked devices followed by Link a device on your mobile WhatsApp and scan this code to log into your WhatsApp account.
  6. Once you log into your WhatsApp, click on the contact you wish to call, and you will see the chat screen of the contact open on the right half of the screen. Here, you can easily spot the buttons for audio and video calls that you can use if your WhatsApp Desktop calling feature is not working.

If you don’t want to perform the steps in a shortcut and are OK with installing a heavy application package on your computer, then the best decision is to go with Blue Stacks. Use Blue Stacks or any other Android emulator, open your WhatsApp there as mentioned in WhatsApp Download PC for Windows/Mac, and enjoy audio and video calling just like on your phone.

Fetch WhatsApp Web Call history

WhatsApp Messenger works with internal data only. You can easily make WhatsApp Web video calls through Messenger rooms, but if you wish to fetch the call history, then you will not be able to do it on the WhatsApp Web directly. Well, not to worry, as you can access your history easily from the mobile application. The WhatsApp Web works by syncing your mobile WhatsApp with the PC one. Hence, calls get synced too. To fetch your WhatsApp web calls, simply open your WhatsApp Messenger mobile app and click on calls to see the chart of all the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

F.A.Qs on A Complete Guide on WhatsApp Web Video Call in 2022

1. Can you WhatsApp Web Video Call?
WhatsApp by default doesn’t provide you with any features to perform video calls. You can first install WhatsApp Desktop as mentioned in WhatsApp Web Download and then use Messenger Rooms to go on with WhatsApp Web Video calls.

2. How do I video call on WhatsApp Web?
To perform video calls on WhatsApp Web first install WhatsApp Desktop from the Microsoft store or MAC iOS. Next, log into your account, click on the three-dot button from contacts and click on Create a room< Continue in Messenger< Create Room as <your name>. Share this link with everyone you want to add to the video chat.


Wrapping things up, we hope that whenever you feel like having a group video call with your buddies, you can easily do that with the help of this article. Make sure to follow all the steps thoroughly and share this article with everyone who needs it. Use Messenger Rooms only if you have an active Facebook Messenger as well, if not simply download WhatsApp from With this we have come to the end of our article, stay tuned to NewsOzzy.Com if you want to learn about more interesting articles like Best WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks.

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